The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 27, 1924
Steel Team May Bring Newark F. C. Here For Contest

The possibility of another attraction being added to the extensive sport program to be campaigned in Bethlehem on Saturday loomed up bright this morning when it was learned that in the event of the Eastern final of the National Cup, scheduled to be played at Brooklyn, N. Y., on Sunday, is again postponed because of field conditions there is a strong possibility that the Steel Workers will be seen in action on the home field.

The steel field today was the scene of much activity with workers and teams working frantically to clear the playing pitch of snow and ice. By the progress made today it is quite possible that the field will be cleared by Saturday.

In the meantime, the management is waiting to hear from New York where it is also understood a large force of men is engaged in placing Dexter Park, Brooklyn, in playing condition. Definite word will hardly be forthcoming from the cup committee before Thursday and possibly Friday morning.

The Steel Workers are anxious to swing into action, whether league or cup competition, and if the engagement with Fall River is again called off the Bethlehem clan will entertain the Newark F. C. here on Saturday afternoon. The Newark club is t he same that opposed Bethlehem in the semi-final of the National Cup competition and forced the Steel Workers into a replay before submitting to elimination.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club