The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 28, 1927
Pawtucket Team No Match For Fast Moving Bethlehem Champions Saturday

Bethlehem Steel's victory on Saturday at Coats to the tune of 5-0 was perhaps the most outstanding result of the season on the Coats grounds. Although Coats is low in league standing, it is more by reason of a weak offense rather than a defective defense. A perusal of the goal averages will show that only Bethlehem and Boston excel them in the goals against column; but in the goals for, Coats is notably the lowest ranking team in the league.

Forrest Replaces Jaap

Bethlehem had one substitution, namely, Forrest for Jaap, made necessary by the latter's sudden case of tonsillitis, while Coats presented virtually the same team as they field at Bethlehem, excepting a change at right half.

Within 10 minutes from the start, Bethlehem commenced its scoring carnage, when Gillespie converted an exceptionally well placed corner from Goldie, the type of corner being high and close in that makes it difficult for the defense to clear. Within another five minutes the score was increased by Forrest, with a fast driven first time shot, which the goalkeeper only managed to touch on its way into the net. About five minutes from half-time Granger completed the scoring with a well placed header resulting from a free-kick placed by Forrest.

During this half, McDonald suffered a slightly twisted knee which necessitated his replacement by Reid.

Forrest Notches Two

With the goings in the second half slightly in the Steelworkers' favor, Bethlehem commenced to display their superiority more pronouncedly than during the first half, for the number of shots increased. The fourth goal resulted from a well placed corner by Forrest, which Granger coolly placed beyond the goalkeeper's reach. This score occurred after 10 minutes of action. About 10 minutes from time, Forrest completed a great day's work by scoring the best goal of the match from about 20 yards, with a shot to the upper corner of the rigging, with the goalkeeper making a vain effort to prevent it.

During the last five minutes of play Goldie suffered a slight injury from collision with the goalkeeper, which necessitated his removal.

Coats -- Bethlehem
Parkes -- G -- Edwards
Tate -- RFB - -Barrie
Allen -- LFB -- Allan
Stevenson -- RHB - -McDonald (Reid)
McAvoy -- CHB -- Carnihan
Brookes -- LHB -- McGregor
Harvie -- OR -- Forrest
Croft -- IR -- Stark
McGrane -- CF -- Gillespie
Curtis -- IL -- Granger
Sweeney -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: Gillespie, Forrest 2, Granger 2. Substitutions: Reid for McDonald, Dinson for Croft. Referee: Rose, New Bedford. Linesmen: Quinn and Boyce. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club