The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, March 1, 1915
Home Eleven by Defeating Falls, Now Has Edge on Hibs in Standing.

By defeating the Falls of Schuykill, five goals to none, Saturday here Bethlehems went into the lead of the American league for the first time this season. The local team has only one more league game, that with Hibernian, scheduled for March 27, here. Bethlehems now leads Hibernian by 23-21 points.

The game was played before a fair-sized crowd. Owing to the strong wind accurate football was out of the question. Bethlehems won the toss and played with the wind at their back. During the first half, play was mostly in the visitors' territory. After fifteen minutes of play, Murray registered the first point.

Except for occasional breakaways, the forwards were never dangerous in this period, although their defense played a strong game. At half time the score was 3-0. On the restart, with the wind in their favor, Falls mad a much better showing. During this half the Falls' half-back was penalized for holding Millar. The latter took the kick and scored, this point with the goal registered by Graham ended the scoring. The line-up:

Falls - Bethlehems
Coventry - G -- Duncan
Hubbard -- R.H.B. -- Fletcher
Magee -- L.F.B. -- Lawson
Rawson -- R.H.B. -- Campbell
McMillan -- C.H.B. -- Clarke
Ockerby -- L.H.B. -- Morrison
Haigh -- O.R. -- Ford
Currie -- I.R. -- Murray
Gunn -- C.F. -- Millar
Martin -- I.L. -- Graham
Bradvey -- O.L. -- Lance
Goals - Millar 2 (one a penalty); Murray 2. Graham. Referee - James Walters, Phila. Linesmen - Nixon, Phila; Toole, Bethlehems. Halves - 45 minutes.

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