The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 1, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Upset Tradition
Playing on a neutral field doesn't mean a thing in deciding the Eastern final of the National Challenge Cup, apparent by the action taken by the cup committee in setting the date and determining the grounds on which the match is to be played. The final, which is to be waged between J & P Coats and the New York Nationals, will be played on the afternoon of March 19, on the Polo Grounds, New York. If there is an advantage in playing on home loam, a theory that was shot to pieces in the campaigning of the Steelmen, the Nationals will have the edge for the cup committee is staging the game in the Nationals' own back yard. In the past it had been the custom to play the final round on a neutral ground but traditional apparently is now a side issue with the many other matters involved.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club