The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 2, 1925
Soccer Eleven of This City Defeats Boston But is Tied by Providence

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team won and drew in the two games played on the New England invasion over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon the Steel Workers defeated the strong Boston team on the latter's grounds, taking the Hubmen into camp by the score of 2 to 1. On Sunday afternoon at Providence the Steel Workers overcame a two goal lead and tied the count with Sam Fletcher's Providence booters.

Draw With Providence

Playing the last half of the game in a torrential downpour of rain, Bethlehem Steel overcame a two goal lead and when hostilities were halted shared the points with the strong Providence team.

Providence started off like a sure winner and had notched two goals before the Steel Workers located the net. Both of the Providence scores came in the first half and although Bethlehem had several good opportunities to equalize their shots just missed the goal mouth or were turned back by Sturgener.

Twelve minutes from the start Providence scored on a corner kick by Florrie. Fifteen minutes later the Fletcher crew profited by a gift. Taking a pass from Florrie, Abdullah headed for the net. Young, the Bethlehem fullback, tried to clear but the ball glanced off his head and went bounding into the net. Bethlehem pressed hard for the remainder of the half but the period ended with Providence leading two goals to the good.

Immediately after the restart Bethlehem put on pressure and Providence was kept busy directing its attention to defensive work. However, within ten minutes after the restart the efforts of the Steel Workers were productive when Stark beat Fletcher and scored Bethlehem's first goal. Maxwell, who had had hard luck with his goal shooting threw off the jinx by counting the equalizer. After a four minute scrimmage in front of the Providence goal, Maxwell picked the ball out of scrimmage and made no mistake with his shot, putting the game on even terms. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Carson -- G -- Sturgener
Young -- RFB -- Fletcher
Ferguson -- LFB -- Carrroll
McDonald -- RHB -- Blair
McGregor -- CHB -- Dick
Robertson -- LHB -- Auld
Forrest -- OR -- Beattie
Maxwell -- IR -- Abdullah
Stark -- CF -- Best
Rollo -- IL -- Gibson
Goldie -- OL -- Florrie
Referee: McCabe, Phila. Linesmen, Quinn and Morin.

Goals: Florie, Abdullah, Stark, Maxwell.

Win Opener Against Hubmen

The Steel Workers emerged from the slump that had trailed them in the last three games and defeated Boston in a hard-fought battled by the score of 2 goals to 1. The Hubmen, playing on their home field, are a hard team to beat, and few teams have accomplished a victory there this season. With another hard game anticipated against Providence on Sunday, several important change were made in the lineup of the Steel Workers. At fullbacks the Ferguson brothers, Jock and Davy did duty with Young on the sidelines. Whitey McDonald was back at his old position on the halfback line, while Robertson, a halfback, who played an outside left during the absence of Goldie occasioned by injury, replaying Rollo at inside left. Maxwell, too, was at his old position on the forward line, and with Forrest comprised the right wing. The game was hotly contested from start to finish, the ball traveling from end to end of the field and with both sides making desperate efforts for the coveted points.

After ten minutes of playing, Boston notched the first goal for which Whitey Fleming, former Steel Worker, was partly responsible. Fleming let loose one of his famed curve shots which Carson was only partially successful in clearing and before the ball had swung out of danger, Stevens came rushing in and headed the ball into the net. Ten minutes later Bethlehem equalized on a pretty forward movement ending when Stark accepted the pass from Forrest and beat Steel from close range.

Boston threatened frequently in the first half, Bethlehem being exceedingly lucky to cross over on level terms. A few minutes before the whistle sounded half-time, Sharp was injured, but stayed in until the finish.

Boston played pluckily in the second period with Bethlehem having the greater share of the play. Both teams lost many easy chances to take the lead, poor shooting ruining good outfield play. Midway through this period, Bethlehem scored another soft goal. McIntyre in trying to beat Robertson lost the ball and Goldie easily beating McMillan ran in and beat Steel for what proved to be the winning goal.

While the Boston eleven played determinedly poor shooting in the first period lost several easy chances while the defense played unsteadily throughout. McMillan especially giving a disappointing exhibition. Hamill was shaky and Johnny Ballantyne never showed the brand of soccer of which he is capable.

Carson the Bethlehem goalie, saved his side on many occasions. In the opening minutes when Boston was clearly the better eleven, Carson saved a rocket drive from Stevens and brilliantly cleared a teaser from Lorimer. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Boston
Carson -- G -- Steel
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- McMillan
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- McArthur
McDonald -- RHB -- McIntyre
Carnihan -- CHB -- Hamill
McGregor -- LHB -- Sharp
Forrest -- OR -- Lorimer
Maxwell -- IR -- W. Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Stevens
Robertson -- IL -- J. Ballantyne
Goldie -- OL -- Fleming
Referee: T. Cunningham, New York; linesmen, R. B. Mills and T. White, Boston. Time of halves: 45 minutes. Goal scorers: Stevens, Stark and Goldie.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club