The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 2, 1927
Visitors Not Easy to Beat and a Worthwhile Game is Assured

Absent over the last weekend the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will again appear in a home attraction on Saturday, when the league leaders and National league champions engage with the Philadelphia F. C., in an American Soccer League game.

The Bethlehem players will go to bat with a margin of slightly more than five games in the league lead and a victory over the Phils would just about clinch the titular honors for this season. After the Phillies game the Steelmen have about six more games to play.

Phillies Not Easy
The Steelmen will make every effort to dispose of the Phils on Saturday. Thus far the count stands exclusively in favor of the Steelmen, but they have always experienced a hard fight against the Quakers. Then, too, the unexpected has happened quite often in soccer this year and Bethlehem is certain to take no chances. The experience at Newark in a cup tie game has put the home club on its mettle.

With the Newark defeat out of their system the Bethlehem players have been going in great style. Against the two opponents, although not league leaders, but nevertheless formidable, Bethlehem grabbed both games, counting a total of 11 goals against 1. Five of the goals were scored against J & P Coats, recognized as one of the strongest defensive clubs in the circuit.

Since the cup game the management has made no change on the forward line which will probably prevail for the remaining games this season. Tom Gillespie who relieved Archie Stark at center forward while the latter went to inside right, is again playing the pivot position and barring injury is more than likely to remain there.

The Phillies will muster their strongest team to oppose Bethlehem and a good and fast game is practically assured.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club