The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 4, 1919

Bethlehem Steel soccer team will play New York F. C. in a National League game on Saturday, at Bethlehem Steel Field. This will be the last National League game to be see in Bethlehem and, in fact, the last game in any of the three contest that the Steel Workers are taking part in which the local fans will have an opportunity to see, as they are now in the semi-final of the American and National Cups and both contest will be played on neutral grounds. New York is out of the running in the league standing but have proven themselves to be a stumbling block for the contenders. They recently tied Paterson in a league game when the critics thought they did not have a chance. If the champions are victorious in this game they practically clinch the championship, as they only have one more game to play -- with Paterson F. C. at Paterson. The latter are two points behind the Steel Workers in the race with more games to play.

The fans who witnessed last Saturday's game with the Goodyear Rubber Co. F. C., of Akron, are loud in their praise of the cleverness shown by the champions, particularly in the forward line.

Paddy Butler gave a very clever display of soccer, showing wonderful control of the ball. He also placed nicely to the man who had the best opportunity to shoot.

Valentine, the visitor's inside fright, was the cleverest forward for the Rubberites, and would make good on almost any eastern team.

The work of Jones in goal was of an exceptionally high class, and no visiting goalkeeper had anything on him in stopping shots from all angles.

The injury to Fletcher will probably keep him out of the game for a few weeks as he is suffering from torn ligaments. The Steel Workers are fortunate in the fact that Sydney Brown, who recently signed for the champions, will be eligible to play. Brown captained the Canadian team in both games against Bethlehem and played a star game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club