The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 5, 1917
Visiting Team Leads in First Half But Weakens and is Eliminated 2 Goals to 1

Before a crowd of 1,500 enthusiastic fans, Bethlehem Steel, national and American champions, Saturday eliminated the Homestead Steel Works Club, of Pittsburgh, two goals to one, in the fourth round of the national challenge cup series.

The game was staged on the snow-covered Bethlehem Steel Company athletic field, which a small army of workers placed in as good a shape as possible. It was a heavy field, howeve,r which here and there developed quagmires. The visitors presented the strongest combination that lined up against Bethlehem Steel on the home field thus far this season.

In the second period Bethlehem adopted the Homestead's style of play, which proved so effective that the champions put it all over the Pittsburghers, for play was virtually all the time in the visitor's territory save a few times when Homestead rushed the ball dangerously close to Bethlehem's goal. Duncan's saving luck did not break for Bethlehem in this half, for a penalty kick from Fleming's boot was saved by the alert Dixon and another shot hit the goal post. Dixon saved four or five well-directed shots, during spectacular scrimmages in front of the net.

The fine physical condition of the Bethlehem Steel men began to show soon after the second period was begun. Both teams frequently were penalized. Homstead scored first when after eight minutes of play a corner kick failed to produce a tally. Hickey received the ball from Taylor at outside right and netted a pretty goal which Duncan was unable to save. The ball see-sawed back and fourth during the rest of the first period. Bethlehem could force only one corner kick in the first period. The kick was too short and a Homestead fullback booted it out of danger.

Pepper had a good chance to score, but he headed the ball too high. McKelvey soon thereafter drove a hard shot at the visitor's goal, but the alert Dixon saved. Each team had have a dozen good chances to score in the first half, which ended 1 goal to 0 in favor of Homestead.

At the restart it was at once noticeable that Bethlehem adopted the visitors' style of play with good results. Fleming was tripped in the penalty area, but was unable to convert the penalty, Dixon saving. About ten minutes later Ferguson, with a well-directed shot, evened the score, Dixon being caught napping.

During the next few minutes Homestead's goal was bombarded several times by McKelvey and Fleming without results. Bethlehem now began to charge furiously despite the visitors' defense, which began to weaken. On a well-aimed shot McKelvey scored Bethelhem's decisive goal. Four more shots were aimed at the visitors' goal without effect.

In the last few minutes of play Homestead came near tieing the score. Duncan saved, but a corner resulted which Homestead was unable to convert.

Bethlehem -- Position -- Homestead
Duncan -- G -- Dixon
Fletcher -- RFB -- Anderson
Ferguson -- LFB -- Henny
Murray -- RHB -- Young
Campbell -- LHB -- Brannigan
Clarke -- LHB -- Lumsden
McKelvey -- OR -- Taylor
Pepper -- IR -- McHenry
Ratican -- CF -- Hickey
Forrest -- IL -- Dolan
Fleming -- OL -- Paterson
Goals: Ferguson, McKelvey, hickey. Referee. Walter Hinds, Phila. Linesmen, Homestead Reriez, Bethlehem Stewart. Time of halves. forty-five minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club