The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 5, 1918

On Saturday, March 9, Bethlehem Steel will play the Scottish-Americans in a National League game at Bethlehem. The Scots are playing in good form at present and Saturday's game ought to be a strenuous contest from the start. On Sunday, March 3, Scottish-Americans lost to the New York F. C. in the National Cup by the score of 3 goals to 2. The winning goal was a penalty kick after thirty minutes of extra time.

McKeesport management were of the opinion that heavy ground would slow up the Steel Workers and it did but not to the same extent as it did McKeesport, the Steel Workers plowing through the mud and giving a display of scientific soccer that was a revelation to the fans.

Duncan performed a clean cut manner the little that was required of him, and with Fletcher and Ferguson covering one another in excellent style McKeesport's opportunities to score were of the zero order.

Bethlehem halfback line was aggressive and steady all the time on Saturday and made effective combination by the McKeesport forward line almost impossible and the well timed feeding of the local forward line was a source of favorable comment from the many Bethlehem admirers on the side line.

The entire Bethlehem forward line never worked to better advantage in the first half Saturday when playing in the heavy mud. Pepper and Easton dropped back far enough to be able to relay the ball to the other three forwards, and with Murphy crossing the ball beautifully, Ratican carrying all before him, and Fleming on this toes from the start, this combination could not be denied.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer