The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 5, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Expected 5,000; Attendance About 1,500
An interesting sidelight of the Providence-Bethlehem game at Providence last Saturday will enable many followers of the local team to form their own opinion on why the contest was suddenly called and the game automatically ordered replayed, after Bethlehem had equalized early in the second half. Gossip heard since the players returned intimates that the game was expected to draw no less than five thousand fans but because of rain the attendance was kept down to 1,500 loyals. Disregarding the services of the neutral linesmen to complete the game, Referee Ed McCabe pulled a new on in soccer, as far as is known, when he suddenly complained of illness and decided to call the game. Bethlehem Steel will have to replay the league contest for no contest less than ninety minutes constitutes a game. Probably on their next visit to Providence the expected five thousand will be on hand to witness the fracas. Unless the Steel Workers should take the edge of interest off the contest with an overwhelming victory over Providence on the visit to Bethlehem next Saturday.

Bethlehem Sure to Share Some Soccer Honors
Eliminated in the American Soccer League Cup competition and running second for the league honors, the Steel Workers are certain to garner some of the soccer honors regardless of the outcome of the loop race. Those honors that cannot be denied will be of the individual nature and will be awarded to Archie Stark, premier goal scorer of the American Soccer League. Stark is leading with a margin that no rival can overcome and in the half dozen or more games yet to be played by Bethlehem, promises to materially boost his present percentage. The Bethlehem center forward with 50 goals thus far for the season has scored almost 2 for every one made by his rivals. The latter are A. Stevens, the Boston forward, and Harold Brittan, the latter with 26 each will be fighting it out for second place.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club