The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, March 5, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Final in the New England District
Bethlehem fans will hardly rejoice at the understanding that the final of the National Challenge Cup competition will be played in the New England district on the grounds of the Providence club. Of course, the choice of grounds will be of little significance locally unless Bethlehem eliminates the Giants on Sunday and advances to the final as the opponent of Coats. It seems as if the Metropolitan district would have been more appropriate for the final clash. Soccer is "made" in the New England district, while much could be done to boost it in and around New York, and games such as finals in the Eastern Division would go far as an incentive. Then again, it will be more exclusively a Coats gathering, for t he distance between Pawtucket and Providence is scarcely more than twenty minutes ride and Coats fans will turn out en masse.

Grand Final in the West
If precedent is followed, the grand final will take place in the West. Precedent will be adhered to if one of the St. Louis clubs wins the National final. On the other hand, if a Chicago club comes out on top it is believed that the big final would be shifted to the East, where a greater attendance would be assured. Soccer goes over big in Chicago, but from the point of attendance, not as big as in St. Louis or in some of the Eastern districts. The grand final is some way off, but it is not amiss to call attention to it. In the past the game alternated each season and such procedure is generally understood to govern. But the Challenge Cup Committee has the right to reverse the decision in regard to the playing site.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club