The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 6, 1922

W. Luther Lewis, president of the American Soccer League, presided at the monthly meeting held yesterday in New York. Others present were Vice President, G. S. Cummings, of Pawtucket; Fred J. Smith, Thomas W. Cahill and delegates from the following clubs: New York, Todd Shipyard, Philadelphia, J & P Coats, Falco and Fall River.

Fall River club was fined $100 for violating the rules of the league as to traveling conditions, which calls for thirteen men, manager and trainer for games away and eleven players without manager or training making the recent trip to Philadelphia and New York.

The Harrison F. C. was fined $10 for not sending a representative to the meeting. The management of the New York Club was rebuked for not advertising their game with Todd's Shipyards on Lincoln's Birthday as an exhibition contest, and all clubs in future will be fined $100 for failure to comply with the rules when exhibition games are played. The schedule of games arranged up to April 1 was as follows:

March 11 -- Philadelphia vs. Harrison; Falco A. C. vs. J & P Coats; Fall River vs. New York.

March 12 -- Harrison vs. Philadelphia.

March 18 -- J & P Coats vs. Fall River.

March 19 -- Harrison vs. Falco A. C.; New York vs. Philadelphia.

March 25 -- Philadelphia vs. Falco A. C.

March 26 -- Todd's Shipyard vs. Falco A. C.; New York vs. J & P Coats.

April 1 -- Philadelphia vs. Todd's Shipyard; J & P Coats vs. Falco A. C.

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