The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 6, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Stars Red Hot Fight Fans
As a diversion from the continual grind of soccer activities quite a few of the local clan of Bethlehem dribblers are boxing fans and quite devout at that, seldom missing an opportunity to see a battle. And from what one hears quite a few of these soccer players swing a wicked mitt and find recreation in pushing the leathers as part of their training routine. Of the gang, Capt. Bill Carnihan is seldom among the missing. When there is a boxing show anywhere within reach, Bill delights in seeing the ambitious aspirants swap wallops and for that reason is one of the best cash customers promoters in this vicinity have on their list. These soccer players take a great interest in the flock of youngsters who don the mitts out at the Bethlehem Steel gymnasium and are always on hand to root for them lustily when appearing on a local bill. Among the ringside spectators at the battling shindig in Allentown the other night were Jack Rattray, Sturdy Maxwell and Bill Carnihan.

Tuning Up for the Grand Finale
If the powers that be continue to bless with the mild and favorable weather experienced this week, soccer fans who make the invasion to Brooklyn, N. Y., on Sunday afternoon to see the Eastern final of the National Cup competition, are certain to witness a mighty good game. From our friend Mike Kelly, in New York, a Bethlehem rooter to the core who is always obliging to go out if his way to give the Steel Workers a lift in the Metropolis comes the word that Dexter Park, Brooklyn, the scene of the blue ribbon classic, is clear of snow and if the elements withhold until after that memorable battle, every condition will favor the Steel Workers. On a dry and fast field the Fall River contingent are going to find the Steel Workers a mighty hard clan to stop. As an added incentive to garner victory those in the know can bet their last nickel if the Steel Workers go down they go down fighting and after contributing their most sincere efforts to garner victory. To be perfectly candid, little love exists between these two rival clans and the close association and friendship enjoyed off the field of battle is entirely discarded when t he players swing into action.

One More Big Practice Before the Tilt
Intensive training marked the work of the Bethlehems this week and will continue up until tomorrow afternoon. One big practice session is still on the cards for tomorrow afternoon and it is more than likely that the final workout will be more or less on the order of a scrimmage. As a precaution against any unfavorable conditions cropping up during the period intervening until the game, the team will pack up on Saturday and hit the trail for New York. Quartered in the Metropolis over night the players should be in the best physical condition and thoroughly rested up when they depart for Dexter Park, Brooklyn. A usual custom of the management is to withhold the lineup until the day of the battle but it is practically certain that with the exception of choices between Bill Highfield and Dutch Oellerman, for goal, the players to be assigned will be the team intact that eliminated New York F. C. and then Newark F. C. in the closing rounds of the cup competition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club