The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 6, 1928
Experiments Under Way in Trying Out Support in Philadelphia

Encouraged by the support of Philadelphia soccer fans for the semi-final cup tie game for Lewis trophy played in that city last Saturday, the management of the local club will experiment further in feeling out sentiment of the Quaker City enthusiasts and on Saturday afternoon will play their league game against the New York Nationals in that city.

The transfer of this game was definitely determined today after the league executive announced the schedule for over the weekend. Whether this action means that Bethlehem will lose its big professional soccer team because of lack of support, it is understood, will be determined by the reception accorded the Steelmen in Philadelphia.

Many supporters are in sympathy with this move, it is understood, and believe that is probably the only means by which the club can recoup losses sustained in the home campaigning thus far this season.

The cup tie game last Saturday was played on the athletic grounds of Northeast High School and well attended. The league game will be played in the Kensington District where soccer is more popular.

If the management should decide to play t he remaining games on the schedule in Philadelphia, it is said that renumeration will be made for the remaining games for which season tickets were purchased.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club