The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 6, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Death Knell
Bethlehem apparently is threatened with losing its professional soccer team. Lack of support and continual financial losses may determine Philadelphia as the future home of the crack team that has won more laurels than any other professional soccer aggregation in the country. No definite action has been taken in transferring the club to Philadelphia, but the experiments that are being carried on with the league game to be played there on Saturday indicate that the management is thinking seriously of making the change. Such a move would be Philadelphia's gain and Bethlehem's loss.

Supporters in Sympathy
Many of the supporters of the Bethlehem club, the loyals who have tried valiantly to put the sport on an even breaking level in Bethlehem, are in sympathy with the management although it would be with sincere regret if such a change was made. Booster games and every conceivable plan possible was attempted in hopes of building up the patronage to an average attendance to at least cover the maintenance of the club, but to no avail. The present crowds might have been sufficient to pay the overhead years ago, but with soccer developing, higher guarantees demanded and all clubs angling for big league players, those times have changed. If Bethlehem's soccer club does complete the season in Philadelphia it will be in hopes of recouping some of the losses thus far entailed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club