The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 7, 1917
Saturday's Game on Bethlehem Steel Field Was the Best of Year -- Training for the Semi-Final

Mr. T. W. Cahill, secretary of the United States Football Association very highly praised the Bethlehem Steel Athletic management for the way in which it handled the National Cup game here last Saturday and said that it was one of the best games he had seen this year.

The members of the Bethlehem Steel Company team came out of Saturday's grueling contest in fairly good shape with the exception of Campbell who is suffering of a leg bruise.

With the team safely entrenched in the semi-final of the National Series, it can turn attention tot he big game next Sunday with the Clan MacDonald, Brooklyn, N. Y., which is to be played on the grounds of the Scottish Americans, Newark, N. J. This game is the semi-final of the American Cup, and the winner will enter the final which will probably be played in April.

If Bethlehem can display the same form and determination next Sunday against the Brooklynites as it did against Homestead it should be in the final for the American Competition Sunday night. Both teams are reported to be in strict training and as extra time must be played in the event of a tie score at the end of the playing period.

American Football association will meet tomorrow evening to appoint officials for this game, the linesmen who will assist the referee must be properly qualified referees.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club