The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Thursday, March 8, 1917
Game Stage for Clark Field, Newark, Next Sunday

New York and New Jersey soccer fans are looking forward eagerly to next Sunday's semi-final American cup game between Bethlehem Steel and Clan MacDonald, Brooklyn, staged for Clarke's field, Newark, N. J.

Fleming, outside left, of the champions, is confined to bet with an attack of grip. Campbell, who was slightly injured in last Saturday's game is progressing favorably but it is doubtful whether he will be fit to play in Sunday's game.

Among the list of players furnished the local club by the Brooklyn management, one sees the names of such star players as Wilson, Agar, Ross, McCann, McChesnie, Finn, Petrie, Black, Gallagher, all of whom have played first class professional ball in New York and New Jersey for the last three or four years.

In the American cup series which Sunday's game will be the semi-final there are four clubs as follows: Bethlehem Steel, Clan MacDonald, Brooklyn; Brooklyn Celtic, Brooklyn and either West Hudson or Babcock and Wilcox, Bayonne, N. J. The last two clubs have yet to play off their third round game, the winner to meet Brooklyn Celtic in the semi-final, which will be played Sunday a week, March 18. In the National cup series the Bethlehem Steel team in the first club to enter the semi-final of that competition as the other clubs have not yet played their fourth round games. The clubs left in the big competition are New York F. C. and Disston F. C. who will meet each other next Saturday, weather permitting, also Pullman, Chicago, and Detroit F. C., which are also scheduled to play next Saturday, these last named clubs are the only teams left in the West. In New England, Fall River Rover and Howard and Bulloch or Crompton, will be lined up against the semi-final of the National series.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club