The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 9, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

No Substitutions in Cup Games
It might not be amiss to enlighten soccer fans on the fact that while the American Soccer League, in its regularly scheduled games and cup tie permit the use of a substitution, the same privilege will not prevail when the clubs go to bat in the U.S.F.A. cup competition. No, sir, no substitutions. Start and finish with the lineup intact. If injured or banished, that is the hard luck of the cup suffering such a break. The National Association sticks by the theory originally laid down and insists that the players to start the game must be in there at the finish. Which incidentally means that if the management makes a mistake in his selection for the game, he cannot alter his opinion with a substitution while the teams are under fire. The National cup ties start March 26, and the schedule committee, apparently anxious to get them over with, has a game booked for every one of four consecutive weekends. That's that, so count the weekends and then you can figure just what day the 1926-27 champion will be crowned. Unless, of course, there are replays in the semi-final and final rounds.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club