The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 9, 1927
Steel Booters Can Increase Lead Against Coats at Home on Saturday

Originally scheduled to play away over the coming weekend, it is more than likely that the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will be seen in action in an American Soccer League game on the home field with J & P Coats as the opponent.

The league leaders still have nine games to play, five of which are slated for home loam and four away with the team taking two of the latter over the following weekend. To make their position secure as league champions, Bethlehem must amass seven of the possible eighteen points in the nine remaining games which mean no less than three victories and one draw. However, contenders for the honors, which by the way are conceded by the most dangerous rivals to the Steelmen, must win all of their remaining games.

Since that unexpected soccer upset at Newark several weeks ago the champions have been in winning mood and never before this season was the goal scoring pronounced.

It is with the intent of avenging that defeat that the Rhode Islanders may invade Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon. No greater laurels could be attained than a victory over Bethlehem and although the Steelmen forced Coats to take the count in the three games played previously this season the local management is not underestimating the strength of the visitors. All in and outer all season, he threadmakers have turned in quite a few brilliant victories and usually wreak their vengeance on the stronger clubs in the circuit.

In selection the forward line for Saturday, George Forrest, who played a bang up game in the last two games, will undoubtedly be at inside left. He will replace Granger who is certain to be idle over the weekend. Granger played half of the game against Philadelphia last Saturday and unknown to the spectators under trying conditions. Early in the half Granger was injured but made no complaint. During the interval between halves he seemed dazed and later when given medical attention it was learned that he was suffering with a slight concussion. He has been unable to take part in any practice this week and in all likelihood will be rested up in preparation for the National cup game.

With the exception of Granger there are no other changes contemplated for the forward line. Archie Stark and Johnny Jaap will comprise the right wing. Goldie and Forrest will be on the left and Tom Gillespie at the pivot position.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club