The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 9, 1928
Bob Millar is Managing Stoneham's Crew -- They're Coming Here Tomorrow

A bevy of recent importations of celebrated rank will grace the home grounds of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club on Saturday afternoon when the New York Nationals, Charlie Stoneham's soccer aggregation, come here for a league game.

Headed by "Bob" Millar, veteran of American Soccer who has laid aside his togs to assume the managerial reins, soccer fans will be treated to seeing in action a team that many close followers of the loop contend is probably the strongest booting aggregation in the country.

The fact that the Nationals, under new ownership less than a season, has aspired to the position of Eastern finalist in the National Challenge Cup competition speaks for itself of the success Manager Millar has experienced with his coterie of stars. Also the success of the New Yorkers against Bethlehem in the league and cup games this season.

Since the Nationals last appeared here and, incidentally one of the few clubs to beat Bethlehem at home, more strength has been added to the outfit, presumably in hopes of realizing the ambition of national champions.

Outstanding of the recent importations are Donald, a left back, and Harry Chatton, Irish internationalist. The former was a member of the club last season but deserted to return to Scotland where he played first division soccer. Complication arose when a high price was paid for his transfer and the attention of the Scottish Football Association called to the matter disclosed that Donald jumped a contract with the Nationals and was forced to return and play it out. This has been done and that is why Donald and Chatton will be seen in uniform against the Steelmen this weekend.

Another recent importation is Wortman, an inside forward, who starred with the last Hakoah team to tour this country. Wortman recently came back to American and will be seen in action against Bethlehem for the first time as a National. Another player with the Nationals whose exploits against a team of the caliber of Bethlehem will be of vital interest is Farrell, a product of the American lots, who still retains his amateur status and is the leading candidate for that position on the American Olympic team which will compete at Amsterdam, Holland.

The team the Steelmen will field against the invaders swill be the strongest for the club will not have to spare any of the players for a league tilt on Sunday. It is the only important contest for the local booters over the weekend although the team will play an exhibition game in Trenton, N. J., on Sunday.

With the players selected as the probable lineup the management is in hopes that the Bethlehem veterans will be able to counteract the prowess and effectiveness of the high priced National stars. The probable lineups follow:

Bethlehem -- Nationals
Edwards -- G -- McMinn
H. Reid -- RFB - -Warden
McMeekin -- LFB -- Donald
W. Reid - -RHB -- Chatton
Carnihan -- CHB -- Slavin
MacGregor -- LHB -- Martyn
Gillespie -- OR -- Walker
Granger -- IR -- McChesnie
Stark -- CF -- Farrell
Rollo -- IL -- Wortman
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club