The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, March 9, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Up to the Fans
When the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club meets the New York Nationals, Eastern finalists in National Challenge Cup, in a league game here on Saturday, if the weather permits, it may be the last game here. Little wonder that those who have fostered this major league sport in Bethlehem over a span of years and have maintained a team that has won more soccer laurels than any professional aggregation in this country, are disappointed and contemplate looking elsewhere. The Bethlehem soccer team is not purely a commercial venture, otherwise the Steelmen would have pulled up stakes long ago. All that the management expects is an attendance sufficiently large to put the team on a self-maintaining basis. Soccer has struggled along in this country for a good many years. It was coldly received in the early days but sports followers have been converted to the intricacies of the game, the skill required to play it and the keen and spirited competition which is witnessed in the present day. Soccer is no longer a luke-warm attraction but is already quite popular and bound to become more so since such wise sages as Charles Stoneham, of the New York Giants' baseball team, have taken an active interest in putting the sport across. It is quite something for Bethlehem to boast of having at least one team which is recognized as an organization affiliated with major competition. It is understood that the Kiwanis, one of the local service clubs naturally interested in civic enterprise, has asked the soccer team to be its guest at the weekly luncheon next Thursday. The value of the team as a publicity medium is worthy the support of all sports lovers.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club