The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Friday, March 10, 1916
Secretary Cahill, of the United States football association has notified Secretary Trend of the Bethlehem Steel company team that the releases of the following amateur and professional players has been officially approved by the U. S. F. A.

The releases follow: Eastern Pennsylvania district -- Herbert Lawson, 37 Union street, Bethlehem, has been released by the Bethlehem Steel Co., F. C> from National Challenge cup, form 29, February 26, 1916.

Thomas Miller, Carneys Point, N. J., has been released by the Hibernian A. F. C., Philadelphia, from professional form, A-1138, March 2, 1916.

Southern New England district -- John Seddon, 223 Calumet street, New Bedford, Mass., has been released by the Riverside F. C., New Bedford, Mass., from amateur form C-136, March 3, 1916.

Lewis Blakely, 108 Peckham street, New Bedford, Mass., has been released by the Beacon Mill F. C., New Bedford, Mass., from amateur from C-305, March 3, 1916.

All the foregoing players are eligible to sign on with any club they may see fit to join.

Training by the Bethlehem Steel team was concluded yesterday with every member of the team in splendid condition and anxiously awaiting word from the West Hudson club as to the condition of the ground.

The Bethlehem Steel management will face a serious proposition next week as on Saturday, the 18th inst. it has been ordered to play a game for the benefit of the Eastern Pennsylvania and District Football association against a picked team of the Blue Mountain league, and the next day, Sunday the 19th inst. it will be forced to travel either to Newark or Jersey City, to meet West Hudson or Jersey City. This means that every member of the Steel company squad will be called to take part in one of these two games.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club