The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 10, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Captain "Bill" Carnihan
"Bill" Carnihan is captain of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, and no more popular player than "Bill" ever booted the ball in this country. Always of athletic leaning and at one time a boxing aspirant with promise of fame, Carnihan hung away the padded mitts to devotes his interest to soccer. "Bill's" esteem is not by any means local but throughout the American Soccer League he is recognized by players and fans as the king pin of center halves in this country. His popularity thoroughly the league circuit is reflected in the following appearing in the current issue of the Soccer Weekly, an American publication devoted exclusively to the dribbling sport:

"Very few soccer players in this country have built up such an enviable reputation for being such a capable, clever defender and leader as Bill Carnihan, captain of the famous Bethlehem team. No player in the United States could possibly be held in higher esteem by his teammates and opponents throughout the American League circuit as the popular skipper of the country wide and world-renowned soccer eleven of the Steelworkers. The Bethlehem team is a household word wherever the game is played and one of the very foundations and man props of the sport in this country. To the vast horde of followers of the game the name of Bethlehem is a veritable magnet and whenever the famous team is on show, crowds of unheard dimensions turn out to see them in action. The performances of the Bethlehemites have been thoroughly spectacular and worth seeing. Both in this country and in Europe Schwab's boys have earned a great reputation for playing the game as it should be played. Scientific to a degree their eleven players on the field do their work like a perfectly well oiled machine. However, he is one of the finest players ever seen and has never once been guilty of committing the smallest foul. And what Bill doesn't know about boxing isn't worth knowing. When only seventeen years old he staggered the village folks back home by accepting the challenge of Pat Breslin, famous Scottish heavyweight, for $10 to anybody in the audience who could stay three rounds with him. Carnihan's pals in the room held him back, swarmed around him to prevent him being slaughtered for it looked like certain murder for any many to face pat. But Bill did not think. He stalked up to the ringside and every man in the room was gasping for breath. Carnihan stayed the allotted three rounds and won the prize. In 1928 he worked his way into the finals for the Amateur welterweight championship in Scotland, but was defeated by Bill Carney of Uddingston, Lanarkshir, and the following year lost to Joe Shevlin, of Glasgow, in the semi-final. He was one of Tommy Milligan's sparring partners in 19922 and also made Johnny Brown, Scottish welterweight champion, hustle during preparations for his important bouts. Bill is quite an all round athlete of exceptional ability for he shines brilliantly at handball, tennis and swimming."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club