The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 11, 1918
Steel Workers Score an Easy Victory in National League

On Saturday afternoon on Bethlehem Steel Field, the Bethlehem Steel defeated the Scottish-American F. C. by the score of 12 goals to 0. For the first few minutes of the game the Scots looked dangerous but it was only a flash and Bethlehem had little trouble running up the record score of the season.

Bethlehem started toward the visitors goal and in the first few minutes looked like scoring but Ward made a clever save on Ratican's parting shot and the Scots broke away, but Bethlehem half back line broke up the effort. A raid by the Bethlehem left wing ended by Fleming forcing a corner, Ratican sending past. The Steel Workers continued pressing and after ten minutes of play Ratican opened the scoring on a pass from Pepper. One minute later Murphy made the score two on a fine cross by Fleming. With the game practically cinched at this stage, the Steel Workers settled down and gave a clever exhibition of soccer and although the Scots tried hard they were completely outclassed, shots raining in on Ward from all angles and despite brilliant work on the part of the latter two more goals were added before the interval. Fleming on a beautiful cross shot on a pass from Campbell and Easton following up an effort of Campbell's being responsible for the goals. Score end of the first half: Bethlehem 4, Scottish-American F. C., 0.

The Steel Workers took up the attack immediately on the start of the second half and Easton scored the Steel Worker's fifth goal after one minute of play. Fleming made the score six with a shot that gave the goaltender no chance. From this point on it became only a matter of how many goals Bethlehem would score as the Scots were completely hemmed in around their own goal, the Bethlehem halfback line breaking up every move of the visitors' forwards and corner kicks, and goals came in rapid succession, Ratican scoring the seventh goal and followed it up almost immediately with the eighth. Murphy who had been making some beautiful centers made the score nine on a pass from Pepper. Ratican followed with the tenth goal from a difficult angle. The halfbacks were no taking shots at goal and Kirkpatrick made the score eleven with a thirty yard drive. Towards the close of the game Ratican scored his fifth goal and twelfth for the Steel Workers and the one-sided game ended with the ball in the visitors' territory.

Scots-Americans -- Bethlehem
Ward -- goal -- Whelan
Post -- right fullback -- Fletcher
Rowerson -- left fullback -- Ferguson
Montieth -- right halfback -- Murray
Rogers -- center halfback -- Campbell
Cunningham -- left halfback -- Kirkpatrick
Moran -- outside right -- Murphy
Volange -- inside right -- Pepper
Fowlar -- center forward -- Ratican
Eadie -- inside left -- Easton
F. Montieth -- outside left -- Fleming
Goals: Ratican 5, Murphy 2, Easton 2, Fleming 2, Kirkpatrick 1, Referee: Kerry.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club