The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, March 11, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Doings In Soccer World
An important player deal was negotiated in soccerdom, which takes Harold Brittan, one time Bethlehem Steel player, back to Sam Marks and his Fall River club. Brittan, it will be remembered was left out by Fall River at the start of the present season and signed up with New Bedford. What the motive behind the deal is not definitely known. However, it is known that since Marks disposed of Brittan, Davy Croft and some of his other regulars of last year in preference to new men, Fall River sort of hit the rocks. The champions were humiliated in quite a few defeats, and in competition with clubs conceded much the weakest in the circuit. Marks has been having some trouble with his managers. And why no one seems to know, for opinion is general that with Fred Morley in charge of the managerial reins he could hardly have made a better selection. It is believed that Brittan returns to Fall River to assume the post of player-manager. And, by the way, the acquisition of Brittan at this time makes him eligible for National cup competition. Perhaps that is the motive behind the deal, for Fall River is lost insofar as the league championship is concerned and is also eliminated from the American Soccer League cup competition. Looks like a tough winter for the Marksmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club