The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 12, 1925
Corner Kicks

There are six games scheduled in the American Soccer League this week, three on Saturday and the remainder on Sunday. New England will get four of the contests and Philadelphia and Newark the other two.

The Brooklyn F. C. will be the opponents of the Philadelphia F. C. at the latter's home, in one of the Saturday contests, while Bethlehem Steel F. C. will visit Pawtucket, R. I., to play the J & P Coats F. C. the same day. Irvine Carr will act as referee at Philadelphia and neutral linesmen will be Fred Smart and George Leach. George Lambie will referee the game at Pawtucket, while neutral linesmen will be A. White and Charles B. Hart. The third Saturday game will be at New Bedford where the Whalers will entertain the New York Giants in the first of the latter's two games in New England over the weekend. George Young will referee this game, with Peter Moran and Joseph Stirrup as linesmen.

Archie Stark increased his individual scoring record since the last tabulation and is leading the circuit with a total of 51. His closest rivals are A. Stevens, of Boston, and Harold Brittan, Fall River, each with a total of 26. The high goal scores are: A. Stark, Bethlehem, 51; A. Stevens, Boston, 26; H. Brittan, Fall River, 26; J. Best, Providence, 22; R. Drummond, Coats, 20; J. Neilson, Brooklyn, 19; A. Stradan, Fleisher, 18; J. Purvis, Fleisher, 15; H. Carlson, Indiana, 14; T. Abdullah, Providence, 14; D. Brown, Giants, 14.

The Sunday schedule of the league games follows: At Providence, Providence vs. New York Giants, referee A. Hart; at Newark, Newark vs. Indiana, referee, T. Cunningham; at Tiverton, Fall River vs. New Bedford, referee, G. Young.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club