The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, March 15, 1915
Game in Brooklyn. - Won by 2-1 Score in Presence of 5000 Fans.

Outgeneraling their opponents, the Brooklyn Celtic, leader in the New York State League, conquered the champion Bethlehems eleven at Marquette oval. Brooklyn, yesterday afternoon by 2 goals to 1 before 5000 spectators. The victory puts Celtic into the cup finals.

Celtic played against the wind in the first half. O'Hallaron worked the ball free from a scrimmage and after a dashing run, he landed the ball cleanly in the net of Bethlehems. Play for the next twenty minutes was of the most spectacular brand ever witnessed in the metropolitan district. Time and time again goals were on the verge of being registered when startling work by the custodian of the nets prevented a tally.

Five "corner" kicks were conceded to the cup holders in a row, but the work of McWilliams at left back for Celtic frustrated any likelihood of a score. Mather, Celtic's goalkeeper, also got in some good work in this half and several times saved the score from being tied. A few minutes before half time was called McQueen at outside left penetrated the net of the Bethlehems for the second time.

After a ten minute intermission the visitors took possession of the ball and played on the offensive. Ten minutes of consistent plugging resulted in Fleming, who played an excellent game throughout, evading the back field of the Brooklynites and scoring the final goal of the game.

Celtic will meet Scottish American in the final round of the cup at a place and date to be named later.

The line-up:

Celtic - Bethlehems
Mather - goal -- Duncan
Robertson -- right back -- Fletcher
McWilliams -- left back -- Toole
Flannagan -- right half -- Campbell
McElroy -- center half -- Clarke
McGreevey -- left half -- Morrison
Ellis -- outside right -- Ford
Loonic -- inside right -- Pepper
O'Hallaron -- center -- Millar
King -- inside left -- Graham
McQueen -- outside left -- Fleming Score - Brooklyn Celtic, 2; Bethlehems, 1. Goals - O'Hallaron and McQueen for Brooklyn Celtic; Fleming for Bethlehems. Referee - Alexander Burnside. Linesmen - Charles Quinn for Brooklyn Celtic; John Scaife for Bethlehems. Time - Halves of 45 minutes each.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club