The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, March 15, 1919
Steel Champions and Robins Meet In an American Semi-Final

A glance at the Bethlehem Steel football club's record for the current season, when it is held the team's play has been somewhat erratic at times, will serve to show the difficult task Robins Dry Dock F. C. has cut out for it in the A. F. A. semi-final game to be played tomorrow afternoon at Harrison Field, formerly Newark Federal League baseball park, Harrison, N. J.

In twenty-two games to date, this season, the champions have tallied 71 goals to 14 for their opponents. Tied three times, it has won eighteen games and lost but one -- to the St. Louis All-Stars at St. Louis National League baseball park on New Year's Day, by a 4-3 score. Two days before this defeat the picked team of the St. Louis League held the champions to a 1-1 tie, Harry Ratican, a graduate of the St. Louis school, evening matters for Bethlehem in the last thirty seconds of play, with a remarkable shot. On February 2, the Merchant Ship Team A held Bethlehem to a 1-1 tie at Harriman, Pa., in a National League game, and on February 8, the pick of the Delaware River Shipyard League similarly tied the champions at Philadelphia in an exhibition game.

As usual, Bethlehem has been in [ . . . ] at home, although on two occasions at least having a difficult time of it. Extraordinarily fortunate, the steel workers have drawn at home in all of the earlier rounds of both the national championship (national cup competition, U. S. F. A.) and the A. F. A. Cup Competition. Bethlehem won all of the first eleven games of the current campaign.

In quick succession in National League matches at the start of the year it defeated Paterson F. C. 4-0 at Bethlehem, New York 3-0 at Lenox Oval and Scottish-American 10-0 at Newark. Then it won from New York Ship 3-0 in a National Cup first round match and stopped the Canadians by 4 goals to 1 in the rain at Harrison. Bethlehem had considerable difficulty and required two hours to set down Merchant Ship Team A at Bethlehem in the National Cup Competition Championship second round, 4 to 3. At Toronto, on November 30, the Bethlehem triumph was by 2 goals to 0. A. F. A. first and second-found game, at Bethlehem, resulted in this: Bethlehem 2, New York Ship 0; Bethlehem 6, Merchant Ship Team B 2. Then the title holders beat Babcock & Wilcox 5-0 in a National League game at Bethlehem before pulling stakes for a holiday season jaunt into the Middle West.

Bethlehem opened with a victory in the Mound City over the Innisfalls, 1-0. Then the picked team tied Bethlehem 1-1, and on January 1, gave the Easterners their only beating of the year, thus far Homestead Steel forfeited to Bethlehem in the third round national championship. Merchant Ship Team A again journeyed to Bethlehem for a National League game this time and lost 3-0. At Newark in the A. F. A. Cup, Bethlehem beat Federal Ship 2-0 before being held at a tie at Harriman by Merchant Ship Team A in a National League match. Then came the third 1-1 tie game, with the [ . . . ] shipbuilders' team in the Quaker City and a 4-1 win over Robins in the National League at Bethlehem. In the same series, the Babe succumbed 2-0 again at Bethlehem.

Outplayed in the first half of the fourth round National Cup Competition Championship game at Bethlehem the home team came back strong, superior training telling and won, 5-0 over Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. F. C. of Akron, O. Playing indifferent football a week ago, with Center Forward Ratican absent Bethlehem managed to beat New York in a National League game in the steel town, 2-1.

It is not the best record a Bethlehem team has had in a season's campaign, however, and the considerably strengthened Robins team is confident it will topple the leaders from their dizzy heights before the setting of tomorrow's sun.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club