The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 15, 1928
Backers of Steel Team Tell Kiwanians Why Game Must Go to Philadelphia

Lack of moral and financial support of the local soccer team was described as the reason for the contemplated transferring of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team franchise from this city to some other place by W. L. Lewis, assistant comptroller of the Bethlehem Steel Company, in an address before the members of the members of the Kiwanis Club following their regular noon-day luncheon in the Hotel Bethlehem today.

Players are Guests
This week's meeting was given over to soccer, with the members of the world famous Bethlehem Steel soccer Club as the guests of the organization. Among the guests of the club were "Jimmy" Easton, the genial coach of the team; "Bill" Highfield, former goalie of the team, and the following members of the club: W. C. Carnihan, Archie Stark, David Edwards, Jock Ferguson, John Granger, Thomas Gillespie, Hugh Reid, William Allen, Malcolm Goldie, Matthew McMeeken, William Barrie, John Jaap, Walter Johnson, John Rollo and George McDonald.

Other guests at the meeting were Dr. F. H. Reiter, of Harrisburg, director of special education of the state; J. J. Matthews, of Harrisburg, supervisor of industrial education of the state, both guests of Supt. William Weiss; Ralph Felthen, Kiwanian of Stroudsburg; Adam Dodson, ex-president of the Lions Club, guest of Rev. Elwood Haines; John Morber, and Lloyd Weaver, guests of Frank Marsteller; Ralph Sotzing, Lion, guest of Lewis Brickel; Lewis Brickel, of Harrisburg, a former member of the local club; Morton Towle, Lion, guest of Howard Goodman; and P. P. Brown, of Buffalo, guest of President Fenton.

Charles Sepeczky and Earnest Seissman, members of Troop 27, which is being sponsored by the local club, were introduced by President Fenton as winners of the recent tournament within the organization to determine the best all-around scout. Ed Lichty was presented with a bunch of roses in recognition of his recent marriage. President Fenton announced that the next meeting of the club would be held at the Nativity Parish House at the regular time.

Previous to the speeches a few minutes of entertainment were provided by several members of the soccer club. Solos were sung by Malcolm Goldie, William Barrie, Matthew McMeekin, and Walter Jackson, accompanied on the piano by William Highfield.

Dr. C. F. Welden, a member of the local club, gave a short talk upon tuberculosis in connection with the drive being staged all over the country principally through the Anti-Tuberculosis Societies. He game a brief resume of the disease, explaining its sources, symptoms and treatment.

Remarks By W. L. Lewis

President Fenton then introduced W. L. Lewis, who on behalf of the soccer players thanked the club for its kindness in inviting them to the luncheon. In answer to a number of queries by members concerning the prospects of Bethlehem remaining the club for another year, he said, "We are merely seeking moral support and some financial support from Bethlehemites. We never did and never will expect to make money on the games, in fact, we expect to lose some, but what we do need and want is moral support."

"Every team likes to play before a crowd and we are no exception. In other cities we are greeted by salvos of cheers for the other team but in this city the stands are always quiet. It is getting so bad that many teams are objecting to playing in this city because of the gate receipts. If it were not for the reputation achieved by our team in its past campaigning, we would be without games.

"We at present have invitations from Philadelphia, Newark and Trenton to move our team to those cities and we are at present seriously contemplating doing so. Unless we can be assured of moral support and some financial assistance in this city, I am afraid that the Bethlehem Steel Soccer team has played its last game here."

President Fenton at the conclusion of his speech assured him and the team that Bethlehem had no intention of losing this valuable athletic asset and that pressure would be brought to bear through he various civic organizations to assure them of support in the future. As spokesman for the Kiwanis Club for one, he game his promise that the soccer club would be backed up from now on.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club