The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 16, 1925
Corner Kicks

Although contrary to the usual custom and not typical of playing cup tie competitions the final of the American Soccer League cup competition will be played on the home field of Fall River, one of the finalists, on March 29th. This decision was adopted at an important meeting of the American Soccer League executives held in New York City on Saturday night.

Sentiment in favor of playing the final on the home grounds of the Fall River club was inspired, it is believed, by the record breaking attendance practically assured. However, it seems a peculiar arrangement, particularly as the two semi-final rounds were played on neutral grounds in neutral districts.

This was but one of the many important matters that occupied the attention of the league moguls up to an early hour in the morning when adjournment took place. A meeting of the cup committee will be held next Tuesday evening.

As a means of protecting their right from infringement of clubs operating in the same cities and in view of the many applications for league membership, an important piece of legislation was adopted in which the entrance fee was subsequently increased and a controlling vote given the club involved. Heretofore a new member was elected to the league on a majority of two third vote. The two-third vote is still necessary but in addition the consent of the club involved in the respective territory is the deciding vote.

The entrance fee was increased from $50 to $500 in addition to a $500 deposit that is held by the league to the credit of the club. The deposit is to protect other clubs from obligations.

The referee and linesmen question was discussed at length and by the action adopted the secretary was partly shorn of his power to select or assign referees at his own discretion. There will be a committee to investigate and select a staff of officials similar to that in big league baseball. This action should have a tendency to improve the game and surely eliminate much of the discontent occasioned during the recent season by the alleged discrimination by some of the officials.

The secretary was directed to forward a letter to Referee Ed [...] reprimanding him for the action he took when recently he called a [...] between Bethlehem Steel and Providence, played at the latter place, [...] minutes after the start of the second half. As the result, Bethlehem [...] will have to journey to Providence to replay the contest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club