The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 16, 1926
Some Coats Are Coats of Many Colors and others Need to Be "Trimmed"

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. started training on Monday afternoon in priming for the final round game in the Eastern Division of the National Challenge Cup competition which will be played at Providence R. I., next Sunday afternoon. J & P Coats, conqueror of Boston, who eliminated fall River, the league champions, will be the opponent of the Steelmen.

The winner of this game will qualify for the grand final which will be played in either St. Louis or Chicago on April 10. In the west the St. Louis and Chicago teams are the finalists and in the district of the winning team in the division the grand final will be played.

Season Nearing Close

But few more games remain to be played in Bethlehem this season. This became apparent by the arrangement of the schedule for the next several weeks, drawn up by the league moguls at a meeting held in New York on Sunday. Should the Steelmen qualify for the final round in the cup classic the team will engage in four league affairs before heading west. However, should the Eastern final result in a draw Bethlehem fans will be deprived of seeing one of the four league games booked for their home club for the replay take place on that date. The schedule which gives Bethlehem one home game calls for a visit to this city of the New Bedford club on March 27. The schedule insofar as it concerns Bethlehem is as follows:

March 27 -- Bethlehem vs. New Bedford, at home.
March 28 -- Bethlehem vs. Brooklyn, away.
April 3 -- Bethlehem vs. Boston, away.
April 4 -- Bethlehem vs. Providence, away.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club