The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 17, 1919
On Slippery Field at Harrison, N. J., Yesterday, Robins are Eliminated
Locals Score at Least Two More Goals But Referee Rules Them Out

On a heavy and water soaked field at Harrison, N. J., yesterday afternoon, Bethlehem Steel defeated the Robins Dry Dock F. C. in the semi-final of the American Cup by the score of three goals to two. Rain fell during the greater part of the game and although the slippery condition made the footing uncertain, the spectators were treated to a clever and hard fought exhibition of soccer. The Robins took the lead in the first five minutes of play and by valiant defense work were able to maintain it for the greater part of the game. With but twenty more minutes to go in the second half the Robins still in the lead, Bethlehem's superior condition began to tell and the Robins defense was given a lively time. The ball was in the net no less than five times but two of the efforts were struck out by the referee for offside.

Robins won the toss and Bethlehem soon took the ball to the Robins end, and Millar shot past. Again Bethlehem attacked and Wilson was forced to save twice from Fleming and Ratican by good defensive work by Robertson and Lance drove the Steel Workers back and the Robins made their first attack. In a scrimmage in front of the goal, Pepper miskicked, the ball bounding off the side of his foot to Duffy who was closed in and Duncan had no chance with his parting shot. This early reverse stung the Steel Workers and they immediately made tracks for Wilson but the Robins were now playing in great style particularly on the defense. Although the Steel Workers practically hemmed them in the greater par of the first half they could not penetrate the defense. Fleming in particular missed two beautiful chances to score, through over anxiety his parting shots going wide on both occasions. Ratican and Millar also missed good chances to score when well placed.

The run of the play in the first half can be judged from the fact that not once during the half did Duncan have an opportunity to handle the ball except on the occasion when Robins scored whereas at the other end it was a continuous succession of shots in the direction of Wilson the Robins goal keeper. Bethlehem also forced several corners but were unable to score.

On the restart Bethlehem took up the attack in earnest and Ratican tested Wilson in the first minute but the shot lacked sting and the goal keeper easily cleared. The Robins' right wing broke away but Ferguson cleared and once more Bethlehem was the aggressor and shots from McKelvey and Millar kept Wilson on the move. Fleming forced a corner but Campbell sent past. Another corner by McKelvey was headed past by Ratican and Millar missed the upright the next minute with a twenty yard drive. The Robins again attacked but Sullivan's parting shot went wide. Robins were now playing desperately to maintain their lead but the Steel Workers were not to be denied and after twenty-five minutes of play Ferguson broke up an aggressive move by by the Robins forwards and landed the ball in front of the goal. Fleming who was close in tied the score with a shot that was too fast for Wilson. Bethlehem needed this success to steady their efforts and it looked as if they were going to add to the score in the next minute but Robertson drove them back and Robins' right wing took the ball down the field and Sullivan put the ball into the net on a cross from the right. The referee had blown the whistle for offside and the goal did not count. Bethlehem was soon attacking and Ratican put the Steel Workers in the lead on a pass from Millar. The Robins were anything but a beaten team and they soon took the ball down the field on a determined play, a cross from the right found several players in position. Duncan came out and made a clearance but the ball dropped right at the feet of Duffy who was unmarked and before the champions realized it the score was tied. Bethlehem again attacked and Ratican headed the ball into the net on a cross from the right but again offside was the referee's decision. With seven minutes to go Bethlehem right wing executed a nice passing movement and McKelvey beat Lance and centered beautifully to Ratican and once more the champions were in the lead, Wilson having no chance with Ratican's shot. The Robins made one more effort to tie the score but the Bethlehem halfbacks broke up the attack and Bethlehem again attacked and Millar who had been playing clever football during the whole game, dribbled the ball up to the goal line and centered beautifully to Ratican and the latter again found the net from six yard's range. Once more the referee decided that the goal was offside despite the protest of the Steel Workers who maintained that Ratican could not be offside as he was behind the ball when he received the pass. In the closing minute Bethlehem continued to attack but could not add to their score and the final whistle sounded with the ball in Robins' territory.

Robins Dry Dock -- Bethlehem
Wilson -- G -- Duncan
Robertson -- R. F. B. -- Wilson
Lance -- L. F. B. -- Ferguson
Taylor -- R. H. B. -- Pepper
Vandenryden -- C. H. B. -- Campbell
Duffy -- L. H. B. -- Brown
Garside -- O. R. -- McKelvey
Mitchell -- I. R. -- Forrest
Hayes -- C. F. -- Ratican
Sullivan -- I. L. -- Millar
Puxty -- O. L. -- Fleming
Referee -- Charles E. Creighton of New York. Linesmen -- W. Rowley and J. Welch of East Newark. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club