The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 17, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Weather a Dominating Factor in Soccer Game
To be continually harping on adverse field and weather conditions as a dominant factor in deciding the issue in soccer may be accepted by a good many sports followers as a continual alibi wail. Soccer, however, is played hereabouts during a season when elements are very changeable and make their effect felt more so in this sport than any other outdoor athletics. It is hardly fair to criticize players or the run of the game in general under such conditions. As an illustration standing out boldly, the game on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon in which Bethlehem and Coats played a one goal draw was no reflection on the merit of either of the two clans. It was simply a matter of going through with a game scheduled and the players doing their best against adverse conditions to emerge victorious. The terrific gale which swept across the field made the control of the ball absolutely impossible and likewise prevented accurate range in intercepting or placing the sphere. Frequently players looked foolish when they completely missed contact with the ball. This robbed the game of all of the many brilliant and thrilling features which contribute to the popularity of soccer. It is the active participant in sports who can more readily grasp the handicap of such conditions than the average spectator.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club