The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 18, 1918
In National League Soccer Contest Away, Yesterday

The Bethlehem Steel Company football team defeated the Babcock and Wilcox eleven 4 to 0 in a national League game at Bayonne, N. J., yesterday. The home team had three former Bethlehem players in their side -- Lance, Clarke and Miller. Bethlehem won the toss and played the first half with a strong wind in their favor. The "Babs" started well and soon attacked, Neil Clarke making some fine openings. Whelan brought off two marvelous saves in succession on his knees, and from the clearance Ratican broke clean away and when challenged in the penalty area passed the ball across to Fleming, who was unmarked, which enabled him to open the scoring ten minutes from the kickoff. Offside against Bethlehem spoiled two fine chances to score. The champions combining splendidly, swooped down upon the "Babs'" goal and Murphy put over a center from the touch line, leading up to the second goal, Fleming trapping the ball and crushing it into the net.

The home backs suffered severe pressure through the wind and the bustling attacks of the league leaders. Easton came very nearly adding to the score by banging in a shot which missed the goal by inches. The visitors again attacked, and Ratican, sending across a perfect pass, Easton scored the third goal, and half-time arrived with Bethlehem leading 3 to 0.

After the interval the "Babs" with the wind behind them soon became dangerous but the Steelworkers' defenders played a sterling game. From a punt up the field, Murphy obtained possession and after a brilliant run passed on to Ratican, who added the fourth goal.

The home team at last got together and made a determined effort to score, forcing two corners. Aitken put the ball well into the goal mouth, but the Bethlehem defense was too good. The Steelworkers outplayed the home team and Fleming missed two easy chances to increase their lead. Numerous shots were rained in upon Kesson, but no further goals were scored.


Bethlehem -- Babcock & W.
Whelan -- goal -- Kesson
Fletcher -- right fullback -- Napier
Ferguson -- left fullback -- Lance
Murray -- right halfback -- Teale
Campbell -- center halfback -- Clarke
Kirkpatrick -- left halfback -- Smith
Murphy -- outside right -- Holden
Pepper -- inside right -- Eliot
Ratican -- center forward -- Muir
Easton -- inside left -- Aitken
Fleming -- outside left -- Miller
Referee: A. Caldicott. Linesmen: J. Loughlin and R. Morrison. Goals for Bethlehem: Fleming 2, Easton, Ratican. Forty-five minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club