The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 18, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Heavy Weekend Assignment
Although Bethlehem soccerites will not participate in a cup game over the weekend, the Steelmen have a heavy assignment which will mean a lot in clinching the title in the American Soccer League race. The Steelmen left today for the last of the heavy league assignments of the year and a victory in the dual bill to be played, or even a draw, will mean much in definitely ascertaining the status of the team at the conclusion of the schedule. On the two-day trip the Steelmen meet New Bedford and Providence a brace of clubs recognized as being among the strongest in the league. After the Steelmen get these two games out of their system, but three more games are to be played away from home , with about five more league contests on home loam before the season closes. Bethlehem is anxious to decide the issue of the American Soccer League and then concentrate on the National Cup competition.

The Defending Champion
The fact that Bethlehem won the National Cup title last year by playing every round away from home reflects on the team as a good traveling club. For some reason or other, fate is cruel to Bethlehem enthusiasts in deciding practically all of the cup tilts away and it seems hardly possible that a draw should be so consistently adverse to the hopes of Bethlehem fans. Perhaps if Bethlehem was fortunate in securing one or two cup games at home each season it would contribute materially in stimulating greater interest and increase the ranks of the local cash customers. To win the title last year Bethlehem had to play every game away from home but fortunately, although facing a disadvantage in ground conditions, the Steelmen when playing in the metropolitan section are well supported by the fans. Especially in the New York section are the Steelmen popular and have a big following.

One Cup Tilt in Two Years
Looking back over the record Bethlehem fans have had the opportunity to lamp but one cup tilt last year and judging by the draw thus far will be deprived even of this pleasure this season. Then the cup game witnessed was not made possible by any favor in the draw but by virtue of an arrangement in the American League cup competition when the teams reach the semi-final and final round call for a home and home game. Bethlehem was a semi-finalist in this cup competition last year and met the New York Giants here. In the second game played at New York the Giants ran wild in rolling up the biggest total of goals and eliminated the Steel Workers. This year Bethlehem met with disaster when drawn to meet Newark in the first round at the latter place. The Steelmen were eliminate in probably the biggest soccer upset of the season. By the looks of things there will be no National Cup games in Bethlehem this year. The Draw for the first two runs forecasts this hard luck with Bethlehem playing the first round at Philadelphia next weekend, and the second round in either Trenton, N. J., or New York. A cup game occasionally would no doubt be greatly appreciated.

Certain to See Hakoahs
Thanks to the fact that the Bethlehem management is one of the two parties to sponsor the tour of the Hakoah eleven, the Jewish Vienna crowed, local soccer enthusiast will not be deprived of the privilege of seeing this crack crowd of tourists in action. Incidentally Bethlehem, the national champion, will not be eliminated in the schedule which was the case last year. As matters stand, it is probable that the Steelmen will meet the Jewish aggregation in three games. Two are practically certain, one of which will be a midweek affair in Bethlehem and the other more than likely to be one of the three games to be played in New York City. While the management has jurisdiction in the draw for the cup games, it nevertheless takes advantage of every opportunity to give the local supporters entertaining attractions and the midweek game against the Jewish outfit will no doubt be arranged as a fitting climax to the season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club