The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 20, 1918

Bethlehem Steel are fortunate in having several capable reserves to draw on in case of injury, particularly so in the case of goal tender Whelan, who is now guarding the sticks in place of Duncan who is on the injured list.

Manager Graham and Secretary Mulligan visited Bethlehem yesterday to make all arrangements for the Third Round American Cup game here on Saturday. Both men expressed confidence in the ability of the Interborough Rapid Transit to hustle the Steel Workers.

Murphy, the former Brown University star all around athlete is playing in great form for the Steel Workers. Murray at half back and Pepper at inside right keep him well supplied with opportunities for his sprints along the touch line.

One of the greatest reasons for the success of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team in the past has been the willingness of all the players to submerge individualism on the field. Win and win as a team, has been their motto.

Three of the Interborough Rapid Transit players who will play against the Steel Workers on Saturday in the American Cup are wearing the United States uniform.

Bethelehem Steel Soccer Club