The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 20, 1924
Steel Soccer Player is Placed Back in Good Standing in Soccer Association

Absolute vindication for Tommy "Sturdy" Maxwell, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team forward for the part he played in the disgraceful scene which marred the eastern final of the National Cup competition and conviction of Alec Lorimer, the Fall River back, the alleged instigator of the trouble, is apparent by the verdict of the executives of the United States Football Association, who heard the case this week.

After the facts were presented, Maxwell was immediately reinstated into the good graces of the association and will be in his position on the forward line of the Bethlehem Steel team Saturday afternoon when the Steel Workers clash with Fleisher Yarn of Philadelphia in an American Cup competition game. Lorimer drew down a suspension of six months and as a result is lost to Fall River in the final of the National Cup competition against Vesper-Buick of St. Louis, in St. Louis on Sunday afternoon.

Of high temperament, Lorimer has been a source of considerable concern to the managers in the American League for his violent outbursts and unsportsmanlike conduct in the league affairs. It is understood that in the last two or three years he has been frequently warned by the officials in charge of the game and that on two or three occasion was banished from the field while the game was in progress. Maxwell, on the other hand, in his close to fifteen years of playing, was chased off the field for the first time in his career in the Fall River-Bethlehem game.

The offense for which Lorimer and Maxwell were ordered out of the important classic occurred shortly after the resumption of the second half. Maxwell, dribbling beautifully from the center of the field carried the ball into the vicinity of the visitors' goal where he was tackled and spilled to the turf by Lorimer. An argument ensued which Referee McCable quelled while in the immediate vicinity of the two players, but the instant he turned his back, Lorimer crashed the ball into Maxwell's face. The latter responded with a blow to the face. Detected by the official both players were ordered off the field. As well as can be remembered, it was the first time in the history of this important cup round that players were banished from the game.

With Maxwell in the lineup for Saturday afternoon, the Bethlehem forward line will again be at its full strength. Fleisher's is a team that must be regarded as a most serious opponent for the Philadelphians, winners of the cup title last season, will oppose the Bethlehem team in defending their honors. Bethlehem, eliminated in the National Cup, is certain to make a most spirited bid to garner the A. F. A. trophy. The game will be played at Tenth and Butler Streets, Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club