The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, March 22, 1915 -- Page 12

Scottish-American Eliminated in Fourth Round National Challenge Cup Contest.

The Newark Scottish-Americans, in a fourth round national challenge cup contest, were eliminated Saturday by Bethlehems three goals to none. The youthful Newark players put up a fine game and at times displayed great combination plays, but before they could get under way Bethlehems invariably broke it up. Only twice during the first half and five times in the second did the Scottish Americans have a chance to score, two being for corners during the latter part of the game. 3000 persons saw the struggle.

Bethlehems -- Scottish-Americans
Duncan - goal -- J.Knowles
Fitcher -- right full -- Towman
Toole -- left full -- Barr
Campbell -- center half -- T. Stark
Morrison -- right half -- Montieth
Ford -- outside right -- Hemsley
Murray -- inside right -- A. Stark
Millar -- center forward -- Conlon
Pepper -- inside left -- Hon
Fleming -- outside left -- Fourfar
Goals - Fleming, Pepper, Millar. Referee J. Walder, Philadelphia. Linesmen - R. Conn, Newark; A. Black, Bethlehems. Time of halves 45 minutes.


Bethlehems played on of the best games of the season on Saturday and demonstrated its ability.

If Bethlehems had displayed the same form against the Brooklyn Celtic as it did against the Scottish-American on Saturday it would still be in the running in the American Cup Competition.

Pittsburgh beat Chicago on Saturday by the score of 2 goals to 1, but it was necessary to play extra time to determine the winner.

The Brooklyn Celtic continued its winning streak and defeated the Continentals of New York in the 4th round National Cup competition game by the score of 4-2. This leaves Pittsburgh, Bethlehems, Brooklyn Celtic, and the winner of the Fore River and J. P. Coates soccer team of Pawtucket, Rhode Island still in the competition.

It is possible that Bethlehems may get another chance at the Brooklyn Celtic and if they do there will be something doing.

There will be a meeting of the Medal committee of the American League at the Inquirer building tonight which is composed of the following: H. W. Trend, Bethlehems; F. Blentzle of the Victor and J. Goghegan, of the Hibernian.

Bethlehems must win from the Hibs next Saturday to land the Philadelphia American League championship and if Bethlehem display the same form next Saturday as they did against the Scottish-Americans then the American League Cup and medals will go to Bethlehems.

The Bethlehems team played an all-around star game with no individual starring but everybody doing their best, both in attack and defense Bethlehems showed superior to the Scottish-Americans.

Among the spectators who witnessed the game on Saturday were Peter McLaren, president of the American League of Philadelphia, Thomas W. Cahill, secretary of the U.S.F.A.; Tom Adams, manager of the West Hudson, and several other well known Philadelphia and New York soccer magnates.

Excepting for a few minor bruises the team came out of Saturday's game in good shape and tomorrow will start limbering up to get into shape for next Saturday's game with the Hibernian of Philadelphia which is scheduled to be played on the East End field.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club