The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 22, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Dewar Trophy
After the absence of several years, it looks as though the Dewar Cup, symbolic of the National Challenge Cup championship, will again adorn the trophy room of the Bethlehem Steel soccer club. The Steelmen crashed through to qualify for the grand final in the competition which will be played in St. Louis or Chicago on April 10. It has been several years since the Steelmen were this far in the cup final, and there is every indication that with the team hitting on all six and playing in the form displayed the last several weeks, they will be successful in the clash with the Western rivals. The Steelmen qualified by defeating J & P Coats in the final round at Providence, R. I., on Sunday afternoon.

League Honors No Comparison
Bethlehem Steel doesn't have a look in for the league honors, which are about completely tied up by Fall River. However, what are league honors compared to the National championship? League games in reality are but stepping stones in preparing for the big cup classics, which center down to the one-and-out if the team loses. The cup competition has a most peculiar twist this season, and this condition might well be attributed to the luck of the draw. The supposedly strongest clubs were linked up in the early rounds of play and with one or the other sure to be eliminated, the mighty took a fall. The Steelmen were the only ones that ran true to form and the only topnotchers to survive the grueling grind of the cup games. Fall River, Providence, Boston and New Bedford, and even include Indiana Flooring and Brooklyn, were the "strong" ones eliminated.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club