The Globe - South Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 24, 1915
Excellent Game on East End Field Promised for Saturday.

The American League of Philadelphia tomorrow night, business of importance will come up which includes the report of the medal committee which met last Monday at the Inquirer building, also the selection of a referee to officiate at Saturday's game at Bethlehem between the Hibernian and Bethlehems. As the league championship, cup and gold medals are at stake in the outcome of this game, it is quite possible that neutral linesmen will be sent to Bethlehem for this game. East End field is in first class condition. The field has been rolled and if this weather continues a very fast game may be assured. The drawing for the semi-final of the National challenge cup competition will take place tomorrow night in New York and Bethlehems management is anxiously awaiting the result as the draw means much to the team, the distance being so great as to entail heavy traveling expenses in going away from home.

Coursey the outside right of Hibernian, is considered one of the best right wingers in Philadelphia and is a very dangerous man when near goal. Glazier who will play center forward for the Hibernian on Saturday and Vanderweighe who plays inside right are New York men and weigh 170 and 180 pounds respectively. Considering their weight they are extremely fast men. O'Donnell the Hibernian goal-keeper who has played with the team for the last eight years at one time was considered the peer of goal-keepers of Philadelphia and vicinity.

Much credit is due the Bethlehems Reserves and the men guiding it, who have struggled along unassisted with the team that is considered ordinary in regards to soccer football but success of which may be attributed solely to the fighting spirit and determination which was so marked in Bethlehems first team of last year. Reserve leads the Blue Mountain League and is also in the semi-final of the Wilbur cup competition. Fore River F. C. has protested the game with the J. & P. Coates soccer team played at Pawtucket last Saturday in the National cup competition on the grounds that Coates played a man under an assumed name. This protest will be considered on Thursday night by the cup committee. Bethlehems continued its special training and excepting a few minor bruises all the men are rounding into good condition for Saturday's game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club