The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 24, 1924
Soccer Victory on Saturday At Philadelphia Advances Bethlehem To Final Round

By F. S. Nonnemacher
The Bethlehem Steel soccer team advanced into the final round in the National Cup competition at Tenth and Butler Streets, Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon when on the home field of Fleisher Yarn the Quakers were defeated by the score of 3 to 1. Fleisher sporting the title of an entirely "simon pure" aggregation appears to be the pet team of the Philadelphia fans and more than three thousand fans turned out to see them play.

The hostile attitude of a number of these fans as their favorites were being mowed down was readily apparent by the vile epithets hurled at referee Young and the threatening attitude displayed between the halves and after the game. George might have missed a floc of penalties but Fleisher had little reason to complain for they did not suffer materially through any decision made.

The Quakers gave a spirited battle, too spirited in fact at times, when by certain tactics even a number of Fleisher fans were loud in their disapproval. The veteran experience of the Steel Workers was plainly prominent throughout the game. Several times Fleisher initiated threatening movements and more than once Highfield was called upon to save but more often was it the brilliant Bethlehem defense in which Capt. Bill Carnihan stood out like a mountain, and kept the Philadelphians subdued.

Fleisher's star center forward Straddan, had little opportunity to display any unusual prowess. In fact so carefully was Straddan taken care of by Carnihan that for the most part he appeared as a novice. The Bethlehem captain was all over the field, turning the tide of play when the ball was rushed toward the Bethlehem goal and in perfecting a stone wall was ably assisted by his fellow backs, McGregor and Terris with Jock Young and Davy Ferguson always to be relied upon when the ball did get by the first liners of defense.

Displaying the cunning for which it is reported the Bethlehem team seemed to take the game as a matter of fact and worked easily throughout. With a two goals lead in the first half the forward line seemed to relent in its attack on the goal and this attitude as no doubt somewhat inspired by the fact that the forward line was virtually without the services of "Waddie" Jackson although he remained on the field.

Toward the close of the opening session, the Bethlehem center forward who had twice previously scored, was tackled while dribbling toward the goal. In the impact of personal contact he was thrown to the turf and then limped off the field with a badly bruised knee. He returned just before the half ended and again resumed play at the start of the second half, but made little effort to contribute his but with that of the other four front liners. Waddie wisely elected to take no chances and as long as Bethlehem rode in the lead, eased up.

However, when the count stood none all Walter was very much in evidence and with his brother Alec was a source of great concern to the opposing defense. Waddie's contribution to the game was a brace of goals in the opening half, the first coming six minutes after the start of the play. The Jackson duo, with Alec on the right wing in place of Turner, brought the ball down the field. Alec feinted as through to drive the ball for goal but instead crossed beautifully to his brother Walter. Only a few feet from the goal mouth, Walter converted the pass into a counter.

Kucklick, the Fleisher goalie, who made quite a few nice saves, was completely caught off guard for he stood dead in his tracks when W. Jackson deflected the ball into the net. It was not long after that when Bethlehem again tallied and again it was the Steel Workers center forward who located the net. This time on a beautifully placed corner kick, Waddie with a deft touch of his head, directed the oval into the net and again Kucklick watched it sail by.

These early successes proved a stimulus for a more determined effort of the Fleishers and in their grim determination the battle waged hot. The Jacksons together with Goldie were given more than their share of attention and more than once Referee Young overlooked the awarding of a free kick to the Steel Workers. As the phase implies, Bethlehem, however, was over the Fleisher crowd like a tent and while the Quakers staged a spirited and determined battle, to defend the trophy garnered last year when Bethlehem was defeated, there was practically no comparison of football skill between the two teams.

With a two-goal advantage Bethlehem resumed play and as a precaution against aggravating the injury he had sustained Walter Jackson assumed the wing position while his brother Alec moved to center forward. Walter seldom handled the ball in the final half. In spite of this crippled offense Bethlehem counted another when Grainger rolled the ball into the corner of the net far out of reach of Kucklick.

Only four minutes more remained to be played when the Yarners evaded a shutout. McLaughlin and Purvis started a movement down the field, ending with a pass to Straddon. The latter shot for the net but Highfield in saving batted the ball into play. Highfield fell as he turned the ball back giving Straddan the opportunity to crash it through the net which he did.

The game was witnessed by one of the largest crowds that attended a soccer contest in Philadelphia this season.

The Yarners were quite popular among the fans and this was evidenced by the enthusiastic rooting of the followers. Although at times appearing quite hostile in their demonstration other than hurling epithets at the official and quite frequently at the players, they appeared quite docile after the game was over. For amateurs the Yarners have a good little team and although outclassed fought gamely against their more formidable opponents.

Fleisher -- Bethlehem
Kucklick -- G -- Highfield
Rodgers -- RFB -- Young
Rudd -- LFB -- D. Ferguson
Coleman -- RHB -- McGregor
Whyte -- CHB - -Carnihan
Duffy -- LHB -- Terris
Connors -- OR -- A. Jackson
Purvis -- IR -- Granger
Straddan -- CF -- W. Jackson
McLoughlin -- IL -- Maxwell
Galloway -- OL -- Goldie
Goals - Bethlehem: W. Jackson 2; Granger, 1. Fleisher -- Straddan. Referee: George Young; Linesmen, Walker and MacFarlane. Time of halves: 30 minutes.

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