The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, March 25, 1912
Soccer Football

Bethlehem, 4; Kensington, 2.

Bethlehem defeated Kensington, A. A., 4-2 on Saturday in Philadelphia in the second round of the allied amateur cup competition before a crowd of ten hundred people the weather was ideal for football but the ground was heavy from the previous rains. The local team fully deserved its victory as it was the aggressor throughout the game. The team turned out as announced exactly at 3:30 p.m. The teams lined up and Garvey winning the toss Higson started the game for Kensington, Bethlehem defending the Allegheny avenue goal with the sun behind it. The game was fast both teams showing great speed and the ball traveled at a lively clip giving both goal keepers plenty of work. Bethlehem took quite some time to get into its stride but after it had once warmed up it soon held the upper hand and continual pressing, corners plentiful but try as they would the Bethlehemites could not convert them into goals the Philadelphia team putting up a great defense. By this time the Bethlehem team was having all the play. It was evident that goals must come and thirty minutes had gone before Lewis sent in a beautiful shot which beat the goal keeper all the way. To the surprise of all the players the whistle sounded for offside and the point did not count right from the free kick. Stewart got the ball and rounding the defense made no mistake in placing the ball in the top corner well out of the goalkeepers reach and scored the first point of the gam amidst great cheering. This was a great individual effort deserving of some credit as Stewart is one of the best center halfbacks in the state. Encouraged by this success the visiting team put more life into its work and had two more goals in as many minutes through Lewis the first being scored by a beautiful shot and the second coming through Garvey making one of his big kicks dropped the ball right into the goal keeper fisting out and Lewis standing well up made no mistake and headed the ball into the net amidst great excitement. Half time arrived with the score: Bethlehem, 3; Kensington, 0. On resuming the second half the home team had the advantage of a strong wind that started to blow and the Bethlehem defense was troubled for a time at this stage of the game. The halfbacks excelled in their work by breaking up the home forwards' combination and was loudly applauded time and again and their placing of the ball to the forwards was almost perfect. Galbraith was now pleasing the crowd with his fine dribbling and lightening shots. On several occasions the took the ball half the length of the field and finished with that tremendous drive only to see his effort miss the mark by inches. On one occasion the ball striking the post with the goalkeeper well beaten although unfortunate in not scoring a goal. Galbraith was the best forward on the field. Leonard played a great game at inside left and Lawson, who make his initial appearance, showed that he is the goods by scoring the fourth goal. He should make a great partner for Leonard and more should be hard of this young paler in the future. The forwards all played good. The halfbacks played a great game as did the defense. The Philadelphia team is the first to score two goals against Bone, Garvey and Carpenter, this season, which speaks volumes for the defense and the Bethlehem club which has not been defeated this season. Since it started in September it scored 42 goals against 6, a record which will take some beating. With a strong wind helping the home team scored twice and the game ended Bethlehem, 4; Kensington, 2. A meeting will be held on Thursday night. The lineup: Carpenter, Bone, Pratt, Stewart, Garvey, Lawlor, Galbraith, Lewis, Leonard, Lawson, Graham. Referee -- Hinds. Linesmen -- Mooney and Mason. Time of halves 45 minutes. Goals by Lewis 2, Stewart, Lawson, Sandell and Wooley.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club