The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 25, 1918
From the Interborough Team, of New York, Here on Saturday.

In an American challenge cup soccer match on the Steel Company athletic field on Saturday afternoon, Bethlehem Steel eliminated the Interborough Rapid Transit Company soccer team of New York City, 5 goals to 1.

Although the play during the greater part of the first half was confined mostly to the visitors' territory, t he Steel Workers were unable to locate the gal and were held safe until nearly half the time of the first period was played. Three times Ratican had the ball in position to score, but each time he missed, the ball passing over the bar. Easton and Pepper also had a chance for goal but were unable to place the ball in the net. The first score came when the ball was passed from Pepper to Ratican who carried it from the center of the field for a score. A few minutes later Kidd, the visitors' left halfback, accidentally shot the ball into his own goal which added another tally for the Steel Workers. The final score in this period came shortly near the close of half time after Murphy missed a try the ball rebounded into position for Fleming to register a goal. During the half the Steel Workers played with the advantage in their favor, Pepper having won the toss, selected the goal with the sun and wind to their back. Bethlehem's goal was seldom threatened but even at t hat the locals did not play with the skill and teamwork that characterized its work in previous games. At least five chances to score proved futile when the ball went sailing over the bar.

Shortly after play resumed in the second half, O'Connor, goal keeper for the visitors, was drawn out , and Murphy shot the ball through a clear field. From then on until the finish the play waged back and forth from Bethlehem territory to the visitor's side. The final tally was made by Fleming when he was fouled in the penalty area, and made good the try for goal.

The lone point for the visitors came within a minute of the close of the game when Young sent in a high drive from thirty yards out. Goaltender Whelan was greatly handicapped in preventing the goal, the rays of the setting sun flashing directly in his eyes.

Bethlehem -- New York
Whelan -- goal -- O'Connor
Fletcher -- right fullback -- McNeil
Ferguson -- left fullback -- Kidd
Murray -- right halfback -- Dahhill
Campbell -- center halfback -- Van Denis
Kirkpatrick -- left halfback -- Downey
Murphy -- outside right -- Carroll
Pepper -- inside right -- Young
Ratican -- center forward -- Quinn
Easton -- inside left -- Edmondson
Fleming -- outside left -- Bark
Goals: Fleming 2, one a penalty; Murphy, Ratican, Young, Kidd (into his own goal). Referee: Kerr. Linesmen, Morrison and Graham. Time of halves: 45 minutes.


Ratican, the Steel Worker star center forward, was a bit off color during the early part of the game, and three times when in position he missed goal.

When Young scored with a high drive from thirty yards out, Goaltender Whelan was blinded by the sun. The rays reflected from the glass top on an adjoining building directly in his eyes.

Rapid Transit threatened seldom to score but played a snappy and aggressive game.

Ideal weather favored for the game but only a fair gathering of spectators were on hand to witness the contest.

Fleming scored the final point for the Steel Workers when he was fouled in the penalty area. He was dribbling the ball down the field at a fast gait when tripped from behind and sent sliding headlong over the turf.

Several of the regular Transit players have joined the colors and are in camps located near New York City. For games played in the Metropolis they are able to secure leave but were unable to accompany the team to this city.

O'Connor proved himself a wide-awake and wily goal tender. Twice during the game when Ratican came charging down the field and it appeared as though the goal tender would be crushed against the net, he cleverly sidestepped in a crouching position and sent Ratican spinning through the air.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club