The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 25, 1919

The present line-up of the Chicago F. C., which team plays Bethlehem Steel on Saturday, the 29th, at Lehigh Stadium, will have at least five of the former Joliet team on their line-up, and some of the other members of the team formerly played for Pullmans, who three years ago held Bethlehem to a tie after two hours' play at Chicago, and finally lost out on Lehigh Field in the re-play, 2 to 1. The visitors have an excellent record for this season, showing great strength both on the attack and defense, only eight goals having been registered against them to date, to forty in their favor. They have the additional advantage of never having been defeated. Local tans can, therefore, relay on seeing the West making their greatest bid for National honors, and only the best soccer that the Steel Workers are capable of producing will enable them to reach the final.

A big delegation of Philadelphia and New York fans is expected to witness next Saturday's game on Lehigh Field and Paterson F. C., and Morse Dry Dock will be sure to have several scouts looking over both teams. Paterson F. C. and Morse will play their semi-final game on Sunday at Harrison Field, Newark.

Bethlehem now has two games ahead. With Paterson F. C. as its opponent, the Steel Workers must visit Paterson in a National League game, and must also meet them in the final of the American Cup, the grounds and date yet to be decided upon.

No western team has ever gotten beyond the semi-final of the National Cup, and it remains to be seen whether Saturday's game will turn out to be another disappointment for the invaders.

Bethlehem Steel expects to present the same line-up that defeated Robins Dry Dock in the semi-final of the American Cup and Chicago has announced its intention of presenting its line-up which defeated Detroit in the fourth round by the score of five goals to two.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club