The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 25, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Rather Unfair Assignment
Jimmy Walders is recognized as one of the best soccer officials in the East -- courageous, impartial and well-versed in the intricacies of the booting racket. He has officiated time and again in Bethlehem and to the satisfaction of all concerned. His sincerity is not the least question. However, Walders has an assignment for Saturday which it seems is unfair to him as well as to the Bethlehem soccer club. He was a last minute choice to handle the first round of the National cup game in which Bethlehem will meet Philadelphia in the latter city on Saturday afternoon. Tom Cunningham, of New York, was originally scheduled to handle the game, but a letter from league headquarters received by the local club this morning stated that Cunningham was unable to make the appointment and that Walders would do the officiating. Walders is a Philadelphian and the injustice in assigning him to handle that game is readily apparent. It is certain that Philadelphians will be partial and lean toward the Philadelphia club, which means that any close decision on the part of Walders will invoke the wrath of the partisan Quaker City rooters. He will be open to criticism far more than if he was officiating in a game in a neutral environment. Furthermore, it seems unfair to ask Bethlehem to compete in such an important game with a Philadelphian at the helm. This is not asserted to reflect on the honesty or sincerity of Walders as a referee, but the official himself would undoubtedly agree that the arrangement is not exactly what might be expected from league executives.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club