The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 26, 1928
Defeat Brooklyn in Quaker City Game and Newark on New Jersey Pitch

Crashing through the weekend dual bill, Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, playing one of the games on the recently adopted home grounds in Philadelphia and the other at Newark, chalked up a brace of victories to tighten their hold on first place in the second half of the American Soccer League schedule.

Displaying the same championship form which has listed something like eight straight, the Steelmen avenged their elimination from National Challenge Cup by defeating Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia by the score of 2 to 1. With an attendance of close to twenty-two hundred, the crowed was one of the biggest to see witness a soccer game in that city this season.

The Steelmen then invaded the lair of the Jerseymen on Sunday afternoon and defeated Newark on their home grounds by the count of 3 to 2. Against Newark the Steelmen made the first drastic change in the lineup in a good many weeks, breaking up the combination that had been practically held intact, to press into service some of the many reserves carried by the club.

Stark's Goal Decides

With the score knotted at 1 all well into the second half, Archie Stark after a brilliant solo effort notched the goal that gave Bethlehem victory. Taking possession of the ball at mid-field Stark got away for a run up the center and carried the ball to the goal mouth from where he shoved it in.

The game was a beautiful exhibition of soccer in which passing, ball control and teamwork was outstanding. A game in which Bethlehem had the edge by virtue of frequent invasions into Brooklyn goal territory, especially in the second half when the Steelmen put on pressure to decide the game. Smith, the Agarite goalie, played a spectacular game between the uprights and only his defensive work prevented the Steelmen from scoring an easier victory.

The first goal was by MacGregor after eight minutes play. It followed a corner by Goldie off Marshall. The alert outside left shoved the ball over to MacGregor, who, by a deft movement of his toe, turned the sphere over his head and it landed high up in the center of the goal. Smith partly blocked it with one hand.

Brooklyn evened the count after twenty-five minutes play. A pass by Yule over the front of goal to Adair was repeated a few seconds later, and it was in trying to break up this passing game that the ball hit Hugh Reid's hands and a penalty kick was the result.

As the rivals lined up behind the 22-yard line Jisda suddenly emerged from the group of Brooklyn players and drove the ball into the edge of the net high up in the corner of the net. Edwards having no chance to stop the ball.

Bethlehem -- Brooklyn
Edwards -- G -- Smith
H. Reid -- RFB -- Marshall
McMeekin -- LFB -- Fryer
W. Reid -- RHB -- Shortt
Carnihan -- CHB -- Brown
MacGregor -- LHB -- Morris
Gillespie -- OR -- Adair
Granger -- IR -- Jisda
Stark -- CF -- Lyell
Rollo -- IL -- Curtis
Goldie -- OL -- Yule
Score -- Bethlehem, 2; Brooklyn, 1. Half-time score -- Bethlehem, 1; Brooklyn, 1. Goals: MacGregor, Stark, Jisda. Substitutions: Mieman for Adair, Walter Jackson for Granger. Referee: Dave Scott. Linesmen: Murray and John Walder. Time, 45-minute halves.

Nose Out Newark

Newark, wrecker of potential champions, fought bitterly on the home grounds on Sunday afternoon to shatter the Steelmen's undefeated stride but fell one goal shy of the purpose when the final whistle found Bethlehem leading by the score of 3 to 2. The game was witnessed by more than one thousand fans.

It as a great game all the way through, with the Jerseyites battling desperately every inch of the way, and the Steelworkers had to play their hardest right up to the final whistle to grab off the points.

Newark held their strong rivals to a tie in the first half, during which each team scored once, but Bethlehem forged ahead after the interval and successfully prevented the Jerseymen drawing up level again.

Walter Jackson, Bethlehem's center forward, with a great shot from twenty-five yards out, put his team ahead after ten minutes of play, but Newark went right after them and equalized through Hill five minutes later.

Things now began to hum as both teams played desperately to get ahead, but at the interval the count was 1 to 1.

The second half had gone thirty minutes before Robertson drove in a wicked one which put Bethlehem in front and Rollo came through with a beauty five minutes later.

Newark never gave up trying and played harder than ever to catch up and after McGowan had reduced the lead, almost evened up in the closing minutes.

Newark -- Bethlehem
Murdock -- G -- Edwards
Gross -- RFB -- M. Reid
K. Carins -- LFB -- Allen
Daley -- RHB -- Barrie
Moore -- CHB -- MacGregor
Nicol -- LHB -- W. Reid
Hill -- OR -- Gillespie
Wardrop -- IR -- Rollo
Gregrotski -- CF -- Jackson
Green -- IL -- Robertson
Purgravic -- OL -- Goldie
Referee: E. McCabe. Linesmen: C. Stott and J. Hume. Goals: Jackson, Robertson Rollo, Hill, McGowan. Substitutions: McGowan for Green. Time of halves. 45 minutes. 1927-1928
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club