The Globe - South Bethlehem
Saturday, March 27, 1915 - page 7
Homestead Picked to Win National Cup - Eastern and Western Championship.

The Bethlehems management is highly pleased with the decision of the National Cup committee in ordering the Bethlehems-Homestead game played on Taylor field, April 3. The rules of the National Commission call for semi-final and final games to be played on neutral grounds and the local enthusiasts should show their approval by attending the game and impress on the commission the importance of the Bethlehems as a soccer center. To bring the semi-final here, required the local club to give the largest guarantee known to American soccer football. The guarantee given Holyoke to come here is only one half of what has been asked to bring the western champions here, so it behooves local soccer fans to aid in making the attendance cover the guarantee.

By many experts Homestead has been picked to win the National Cup this year and National Secretary T. W. Cahill, New York, speaks eloquently of its prowess. The staging of this game means deciding the western championship and the Pawtucket-Brooklyn Celtic game at New Bedford, an April 10, will decide the Eastern championship, the winners of these two games will meet for the national championship at a place and date to be decided by the national commission.

Chicago Pullman which was defeated by Homestead, 2-1 had defeated the St. Louis teams, as well as the Illinois clubs. Its defeat of Packard Detroit, gave it a right to meet Homestead in the fourth round. Homestead, on the other hand, had defeated Juniata, Buffalo, and Cleveland, the latter by the decisive score of 5-0. Besides Homestead for two years has won the championship.

The game will be entirely in the hands of the national commission, which conducts it somewhat on the same lines as the commission in the world's series in baseball. For this reason, season tickets will not be accepted, as the game will not be played on Bethlehems' ground.

Secretary T. W. Cahill of the U. S. F. A. will arrive in Bethlehem from New York, Monday, to make arrangements for the game. The measuring off and marking out Taylor field will be started early next week, this will be the first visit of a western soccer team to the east. Three of the best referees in this part of the country will handle the game, one acting as official referee on the field and the other two assisting him as linesmen. The Bethlehem Steel company band will be in attendance to help make the day a banner one for the Bethlehems. The game will start promptly at 3 p.m. and must be played to a finish.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club