The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 27, 1919
Local Champions Being Schooled to Cope with Chicago's Style of Play

Bethlehem Steel put the final touches to their training today for the National cup semi-final against Chicago F. C. at Lehigh Stadium on Saturday, and if present good form is maintained they well trot out on the field in condition to play the game of their lives. Special emphasis was placed on corner kicking and shooting from difficult angles. Corner kick work has been practiced in every training session for the past two weeks and the team is now proficient in this line and it will go hard with Chicago if Bethlehem gets many opportunities to drop the ball in from the corner with Forrest, Ratican and Miller in the vicinity of the goal. The undefeated Chicago team has also had special preparation for this game, and they are building their hopes on getting an early lead on the champions, just as they have done in every game this season with western teams. This is where Bethlehem will have to be on their guard because a lead in the first few minutes of the game is a great impetus to any team, particularly in cup games. The steel Workers have had the experience of having to play an uphill fight against a team determined to hold an advantage they have gained, the most recent instance being the game against the Robins Dry Dock F. C in the semi-final of the American Cup. The champions found themselves one goal down in the first few minutes and although they practically monopolized the play the greater part of the game they were only able to tie the score in the last twenty minutes.

Bethlehem's half-back line ought to play a prominent part in Saturday's game and they will be well advised to pay particular attention to the special line of attack expected from the visitors, that of swinging the ball to the left wing. Individual runs by the brilliant Vidano is where Pepper will be called upon to play the game of his career by breaking up this method of attack. Watch Vadino and Pepper and see who is master of the situation.

Center half-back Govier is one of the cleverest players in the West and Center Forward Ratican will find this aggressive player right on his heels during the entire game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club