The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 28, 1927
Local Champions Again Put to the Test in Defeating the Speedy Quakers

Held without a goal in more than an hour of playing Bethlehem Steel soccer team rallied in time to snatch a victory from Philadelphia F. C., in the first round game of the National Cup competition at Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon. Most of the game was played in a downpour of rain and won by the defending champions by the score of 3 to 1.

The score by no means describes the valiant fight of the lowly Phillies who combated Bethlehem's clever style with aggressive rushing tactics and more than once had the Steelmen in a right corner, fighting bitterly to frustrate a score. That the Phillies did not notch goals before Bethlehem was entirely due to a weak forward line, which in contrast to the brilliant defense of the Quakers was no comparison.

Phillies Defense Good

All the strength of the Phillies lay in their defense, especially the two fullbacks, whose long clearances and goal kicks were an outstanding feature of the game. Holding Bethlehem scoreless for more than an hour was beyond the hopes of the most loyal Phillie rooter and when the Quakers did succeed in accomplishing that feat, hopes of a tie game if not a victory soared high.

But these hopes were dashed after twenty minutes of play in the second half when a neat bit of combination work in which Stark, Gillespie and Jaap played an important role, the ball was carried close to the goal mouth where Granger too a first time shot. It was a low drive which Pearce failed to hold and while the goal that followed was of the fluky variety nevertheless Granger's heady play in following his shot enabled him to get it past the Quaker custodian. Within ten minutes Gillespie added two more goals while Gregg, the Phillies center forward, spared his team a shutout.

Connors Injured

The game was marred by several injuries, most serious of which befell Billy Allan, Bethlehem right fullback, and Tommy Connors, an importation from Detroit, whose great defensive playing was a matter of great concern to Bethlehem. Allan twisted a knee early in the game and aggravated the injury when he stubbed his toe on the bumpy pitch in an attempt to make a clearance. Connors sustained a fracture of his left arm in a collision with Goldie near the Phillies net.

Although Allan returned to the lineup for the second half after leaving the game late in the opening session, he was of little use to the team. Connors was inured late in the second half and after Bethlehem had scored two of its three goals.

With the opening whistle Bethlehem immediately became the aggressor and flashed a form which threatened to sew up the game in a hurry. With well time passes the Bethlehem forwards swept down the field and several parting shots came dangerously close to locating while Pearce was called upon to handle early. For five minutes Bethlehem did practically all the pressing with Pearce having a busy time handling and then the tide changed. Playing as though possessed and using as their chief weapon long sweeping kicks in their attack the Phillies started to rush the ball into Bethlehem territory and for the greater par of the remainder of this half kept it there. Bethlehem's forwards met stiff opposition in the Phillies defense while the Steelmen's defense at times seemed disorganized.

With the restart of the second half, Bethlehem displayed a more determined effort although the Phillies, inspired by their success in the first forty-five minutes continued their effective rushing and aggressive tactics. Then suddenly after twenty minutes of play came the transformation in which Bethlehem became organized and with the exception of an occasional breakaway by the Phillies did most of the pressing. Granger's goal for the first tally of the game encouraged the morale that seemed to be ebbing and with the exception of the first five minutes of play the Bethlehem forwards began to function with a better understanding and more effective passing.

Five minutes later Gillespie contributed Bethlehem's second goal which might well be termed a break in Bethlehem's favor. Stark rushed the ball up center and then passed to Jaap on the outside. T he Bethlehem wingman centered beautifully and drew Pearce out of his goal. The latter in his effort to clear collided with Reid and as the ball was sailing past the goal mouth, Gillespie headed it into the open net. A few minutes later the Phillies were encouraged when after a free kick on a foul against Goldie, Gregg was uncovered and this time made no mistake with his shot.

Bethlehem's final goal made by Gillespie was the prettiest of the game and the result of an individual effort on the part of the Bethlehem center forward. Carrying through he beat Reid as the last defensive obstacle and then virtually walked it in, with Pearce having no chance whatever on the close range shot. Bethlehem continued to press to the final whistle.

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Edwards -- G -- Pearce
Allan -- LFB -- Reid
Barrie -- RFB -- Connors
McDonald -- RHB -- Duffy
Carnihan -- CHB -- Forrest
McGregor -- LHB -- Pitt
Jaap -- OR -- McClure
Stark -- IR -- McGuire
Gillespie -- CF -- Gregg
Granger -- IL -- Burness
Goldie -- OL -- Wardorp
Score: Bethlehem, 3; Philadelphia, 1. Half-time score: Bethlehem, 0; Philadelphia, 0. Goals; Granger, Gillespie 2, Gregg. Referee; Jim Walder. Linesmen: Boz Scott, John Walder. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club