The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, March 29, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Ratican Has Rival
While the majority of soccer critics throughout the country will vote Harry Ratican the greatest center forward in the game and a player who has no near equal in this position, some prophet unearths a rival who does not claim an equal for Harry at center forward but compares the speed of Murray, of the Paterson club, equal to that of the Bethlehem star. Chances to disprove this claim will be presented when Bethlehem again meets Paterson.

Scot Against American
When the Chicago F. C. takes the field against the Bethlehem Steel champions Saturday afternoon in Taylor Stadium in practically the most important game of the season, soccer enthusiasts will watch with great interest the work of Vidano, the Chicago outside left, and Tommy Fleming, the latter covering the same position for the champions. The rivalry for the honors between these two players is keen and as a result the fans will bet a line on them to draw a comparison in this contest. Vidano, a player of diminutive stature but quick as a flash on his feet and accurate with the boot in directing the ball, is heralded as the greatest outside left in the West and as one of the best soccer players ever developed in America. Vidano was born in this country and his knowledge of the game was attained in the Chicago district where he has played for years. In testing the ability of "Whitey" Fleming, local fans and Eastern critics contend that the visitor will have to go some to capture the laurels and are confident that if the occasion demands it, Fleming will outdo himself in his efforts to top off Vidano's playing. Fleming's great advantage is that he has accomplished the feat of curing a ball with deadly effect and if in condition will make the visitors step some. "Tommy" was taught the rudiments of the game in Scotland and has been playing a consistent game for years. The competition in another position, that of left fullback, will also bear watching. This will be another instance of an American player competing for the honors against Ferguson, who started his career in Scotland. Bromley is the visitors' choice and the prophets are emphatic in proclaiming him the leading fullback in the country. Ferguson has not attempted claiming nation-wide honors but is looked upon as the best fullback in the East and if he is successful in outshining his rival, soccer experts will readily agree in handing him a more extensive title.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club